LiveWire Open the first Experience Center in Malibu

LiveWire Open the first Experience Center in Malibu

LiveWire — Harley-Davidson’s electric spinoff — has opened the first LiveWire Experience Center in Malibu, CA. With the new center, LiveWire hopes to establish an electrifying connection between riders and their first motorcycle, the LiveWire ONE.

The 1,766-square-foot Experience Center aims to introduce the electric ONE riding experience to both riding and non-riding visitors through a variety of attractions — including test rides on the ONE. In addition, the center will serve as a community space for LiveWire riders, said Harley-Davidson Chairman, President, and CEO, Jochen Zeitz.

“California is one of the most established electric vehicle markets in the world and is an ideal location for the first LiveWire Experience Center.

LiveWire Open the first Experience Center in Malibu

“The Experience Center will give both riders and non- riders a chance to engage with the LiveWire brand and ultimately experience the thrill of riding,” Zeitz explained.

The center’s modern interior has been designed by LiveWire in collaboration with London-based designer Steve Lidbury. It features polished concrete, engineered wood, perforated steel, and other textures you’d find in the urban environments the ONE is meant to traverse.

At a virtual showroom, visitors can chat live on video with LiveWire representatives. Multiple displays showcase the company’s technology, design, and collaborative partners.

You can also take the ONE out for a spin during a demo ride. And if you happen to get a jolt out of the electric bike, you can — of course — order for your own ONE right then and there.

The LiveWire Experience Center is open to visitors at 3848 Cross Creek Rd, Malibu, CA.

LiveWire Open the first Experience Center in Malibu

Financing for an Electric Experience

To coincide with the opening of the Experience Center, LiveWire has also announced their new Future Forward Financing Program. It gives riders a 48-month lease-like term to experience the ONE outside the center.

You can take a ONE bike home to your garage with a 10% down payment and monthly payments of $286. You’ll also have to make a more substantial $9,947 payment on the 48th month.

After the term, riders have three options. They can either return the bike to a dealership, start a new 48th program for any new LiveWire model, or refinance or pay off the remaining balance, gaining full ownership of the bike.