KTM Offers Warranty Extensions to All Street Bike Models

KTM Offers Warranty Extensions to All Street Bike Models

KTM is contacting you about your motorcycle’s extended warranty. More precisely, your 2024 street bike’s warranty period can almost double if you get it serviced.

The Austrian moto manufacturer has announced that it’s extending the warranty periods of certain 2024 KTM street motorcycles equipped with the LC8 or LC8C engine. To activate the extended warranty, all you have to do is get your motorcycle’s scheduled service done at an authorized KTM dealership during the original warranty period.

The length of the extended warranty depends on your motorcycle’s model and original warranty. KTM offers different terms for “R” and “non-R” bike models.

The 2024 “R” models with LC8 engine include the 1390 Super Duke R Evo and 1290 Super Adventure R. Getting these motorcycles services at an authorized KTM dealer extends the warranty period by 12 months, up to two years from the take-into-use date.

“Non-R” LC8 models include the 1290 Super Duke GT and 1290 Super Adventure S. These bikes are also eligible for a 12-month extension to their original 24-month warranty, up to a three-year warranty period in total.

“R” models with an LC8c engine include the 890 Adventure R and the 890 Adventure R Rally. They get a similar deal as the LC8 “R” models, with a 12-month extension that can extend the warranty up to two years.

Last but not least, we have the “non-R” LC8c-equipped models, covering the 790 Duke, 790 Adventure, 890 SMT, and 990 Duke. Having these bikes serviced within the original 24-month warranty period will extend the warranty to the next scheduled service, up to four years from the take-into-use date.

Additionally, any KTM PowerParts or SpareParts components and accessories installed by an authorized dealer will carry a 24-month warranty from the date of purchase.

There shouldn’t be any special hoops to jump through to get the warranty extension. Simply call your nearest KTM dealer and schedule a service appointment during your original warranty period.

Timing is Everything

But why is KTM suddenly offering nearly double warranties for its motorcycles? Well, while we obviously can’t know what discussions have happened within the company, we can make a guess.

KTM bikes are having some small issues. By which we mean their crankshafts are wearing out.

Many riders are reporting that the crankshafts of parallel-twin KTM (and Husqvarna) motorcycles are giving up the ghost after only 10,000 miles on the odo. There’s obviously something wrong, but the warranty should cover that.


That’s exactly the problem—riders have found it difficult to get the engines fixed under warranty. As an anecdote, some friends of RoadRUNNER staff are struggling to have their motorcycles warrantied even though they have an active warranty that dealers should honor.

What’s behind the shoddy warranty coverage? We can’t tell for sure and we won’t speculate without hard facts. That said, we couldn’t help raising an eyebrow at the timing of this warranty extension offer.

If you do get your bike serviced during the offer period, though, at least you’ll have nearly twice as long to keep wrangling with customer service to get your motorcycle back in running gear.