KTM Introduces the Unique 2022 890 Duke GP

2022 KTM 890 Duke GP

What’s black and orange and built for twisties? Why, it’s the 2022 KTM 890 Duke GP.

This latest addition to KTM’s Duke lineup sets itself apart visually with its striking colorway, new passenger seat cover, and GP-derived livery. Still unmistakably a KTM, the bike has an aggressive styling to take you through country roads at speed and in style.

That speed stems from the compact but powerful 889cc, liquid-cooled LC8c parallel twin engine — the same as on the standard 890 Duke. The powerplant puts out 114 ponies, according to manufacturer claims.

The rest of the mechanics are identical with its non-GP sibling as well. The clutch, for instance, is the familiar PASC antihopping mechanical slip/assist clutch.

WP Apex suspension on both ends smooths out the ride. Meanwhile, a 320mm disc brake in the front and 240mm in the back bring the bike to a stop.

The GP Duke boasts an impressive electronics package, featuring cornering MTC and four ride modes (Rain, Street, Sport, Track). Riders can customize traction, anti-wheelie, and throttle control, and the package also includes cornering-ABS and supermoto-ABS.

2022 KTM 890 Duke GP

A full-color TFT display makes tweaking the settings easy and displays crucial information while on the road. All-around LED lighting ensures a safe riding experience even after sundown. The seat height is set to 32.8 inches, and the bike has a 3.7-gallon fuel capacity.

The tapered aluminum handlebar offers nice adjustability, with four positions on the triple clamp. Riders can also rotate it in three further positions to ensure both good control and a comfortable riding position.

If you’re a fan of the standard 890 Duke, you will also be a fan of the GP model. Only, this one makes you feel like you’re riding an actual GP bike — at least in looks.