KTM Introduces 2023 1290 Super Adventure R

KTM Introduces 2023 1290 Super Adventure R

Are you ready for Adventure 2: Adventure Harder? KTM sure hopes so, as the Austrian bike manufacturer has announced the 2023 1290 Super Adventure R.

The second-generation 1290 Super Adventure R is designed for the hardcore off-road warriors who want to wherever they please, no matter the terrain. The 2023 upgrade, although mostly mechanically unchanged, makes it easier to find your way.

The new bike introduces the Turn-by-Turn+ guidance system. Riders can now set waypoints and diversions through the handlebar switch bar and seven-inch, full-color TFT display.

You can also use the KTMConnect app to answer phone calls and set up to 10 “favorites” (which sounds like quick-dial functionality) without digging your phone out of your pocket.

Powering the bike is the same LC8 V-twin engine as on the 2022 model. With a displacement of 1301cc, the engine delivers a claimed 160 hp and roughly 102 lb-ft of power.

The six-speed Pankl transmission features a new, lighter aluminum shifting drum, which ought to make gear changes smoother than before. Combined with the KTM Quickshifter+, you should be able to quickly switch gears.

KTM has reworked the chassis. The chrome-molybdenum stainless steel trellis frame weighs about 22 pounds and has been sculpted for better cornering stability and acceleration. Meanwhile, the swingarm is 15mm longer to compensate for the shorter frame.

Soaking up bumps from irregular surfaces are the same fully adjustable WP Explor 48mm inverted fork and rear shock. Both offer 8.7 inches of travel.

The spoked wheels have new aluminum rims made by Akront, with an improved sealing system that makes them 100% tubeless. The rims are shod with the same Bridgestone AX41 tires as on the 2022 model.

A Bosch six-direction inertial measurement unit (IMU) informs electronic rider aids, including traction and stability control and ABS. There are also multiple customizable ride modes (Sport, Street, Rain, Off-Road, and optional Rally) that allow you to tailor the bike’s behavior to the terrain and your preferences.

KTM offers a range of aftermarket parts through its PowerParts collection for further customization options. The optional parts include 11 different choices of seats, luggage and bags, crash bars, and aesthetic add-ons.

The 2023 KTM 1290 Super Adventure R comes in a white-and-orange color scheme. Retail prices start at $20,299.