Industry Spotlight: Taco Moto

Industry Spotlight: Taco Moto

Taco Moto is a well-known motorcycle parts and accessories vendor, located in North Las Vegas, NV. On a quest for the ultimate adventure ride, my partner Jason and I turned to them for the bike setup, entrusting our 500 EXC-Fs to their expertise.

Beyond modifying these torquey machines with enough power to launch me into orbit, we’re grateful for having a field expert in our corner. Taco Moto’s owner Mike Spurgin, also known as Taco Mike, informed us that by the end of the project, our motorcycles would be as different as night and day—a personalized dream ride for each of us. With my curiosity piqued, I eagerly awaited what would unfold.

The Man Behind the Taco

Taco Moto began its thrilling journey in 2019 as the brainchild of Taco Mike. But who is Taco Mike?

Picture a no-nonsense KTM aficionado from the smaller dirt bike realm with a remarkable ability to explain things (without a hint of mansplaining) and you're on the right track.

Before launching Taco Moto, Mike spent over two decades in the low-voltage electrical construction industry. Yet, his passion for single-cylinder dirt bikes and knack for fixing anything mechanical set the stage for Taco Moto's inception.

Growing up under the guidance of a fearless car mechanic father, Mike earned the title of a mechanical wiz in high school by age 15.