How to Pick Your Next Motorcycling Destination

How to Pick Your Next Motorcycling Destination

A guide for riders looking to explore somewhere new.

List Places That Interest You

Where do you want to travel? Are you looking for a tropical paradise, or do you prefer mountains or deserts? Are you history buff seeking historical sites, or an outdoors-y type who’d like to venture deep into a national park? Start by listing all places that interest you.

Focus on Places You’ve Never Visited

With your full list in hand, you can start narrowing it down to places you’ve never been before. Motorcycle travel opens the doors to all sorts of new locations. Do you want to travel to all 50 states, or visit all the major national parks? Focus on your unexplored places, so you can check them off one by one.

Research the Area

Do some research on the areas you want to travel to. Learn their history and the most attractive points of interest within a day’s ride. Look for locally owned hotels, restaurants, and other businesses that would be fun to visit. If you truly want to experience an area, find out what the locals do for fun and where they eat. Recommendations from people who have traveled or lived in the area are important. Where do other riders love to visit? You can look for recommendations on Google, Tripadvisor, in RoadRUNNER, or on online forums and social media groups.

Contact Local Experts

Look for motorcycle touring or rental companies that can help with bike rental or trip planning in the area you’re interested in. City and state tourism groups and visitor centers will have a plethora of information as well. They are the experts on the area and have lots of great suggestions for your stay. Many of these places will send you free brochures and maps upon request.

Seek Inspiration

One of the best ways to discover new travel destinations is to seek inspiration from other travelers. Find travel tips by reading blogs and magazines, or by watching travel videos. Follow travel influencers on social media for daily inspiration.

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