Honda's Bringing Electric FUN to America

Honda's Bringing Electric FUN to America

Honda recently announced that it will introduce 10 new electric two-wheel models to the global market by 2025 as part of its focus on electrification. Of the new models (which are primarily scooters) three are full-sized electric motorcycles designed specifically for the Japanese, European, and U.S. markets.

These electric machines will be released between 2024 and 2025 under Honda’s official FUN Category. This label harkens the late ‘60s and early ‘70s when Honda reshaped the perception of motorcycles and helped drive the motorcycle craze to its zenith.

Although we haven’t seen any photos yet, Honda teased us with an illustrated silhouette suggesting a cruiser, an upright, and a large scooter. Honda also said it would introduce an EV slated as a “kids’ model” intended to pass on the joys of bikes to a new generation of riders.

Honda has set dynamic overarching corporate goals, aiming to sell one million electric motorcycles a year by 2026 and boosting that to 3.5 million by 2030. Additionally, the company announced an audacious and progressive green goal for all the company’s global endeavors to be completely carbon neutral by 2050.

Recognizing the importance of the battery, a core component of electric vehicles, Honda will equip the bikes with an all-solid-state battery that is being developed in-house as part of its existing Honda Mobile Power swappable batteries division. To help widespread adoption of electric motorcycles, the bike maker is working to popularize battery sharing, as well as enhancing charging infrastructure and helping to organize and promote the standardization of battery specifications.

Some critics point to Honda's late entry into the electric motorcycle realm, compared to the progress made by the likes of Harley-Davidson, Zero, and Energica. But the manufacturer’s declaration to accelerate electrification of its motorcycle models delivers a strong message about the Japanese powerhouse’s future plans.

Honda enjoys a long-standing global presence with strong brand loyalty among its consumer base, which is shored up by an extensive dealership network, customer support, and dependability. Honda, could prove a serious game changer by strategically transforming its established combustion engine customer base over to its forthcoming electric products.

Honda has revealed a solid plan to have a marked presence in the electric vehicle marketplace. Anyone betting against the powerhouse to continue its status as an industry leader in the new realm of electric motorcycles might want to reconsider.