Honda Rolls into 2023 with 8 Returning Bikes

Honda Rolls into 2023 with 8 Returning Bikes

The start of a new year is the time to introduce new bikes, but we shouldn’t forget about the returning champions. Honda has confirmed that eight motorcycles will be getting back on the road in 2023.

Across the sport, standard, adventure, dual sport, and cruiser categories, this year will see the return of the CB1000R, CBR650R, CB650R, CBR500R, CB500F, CB500X, XR650L, and the Fury. The 2023 models for these rides will trickle in throughout the year, with some already available at Honda dealerships.

Honda Rolls into 2023 with 8 Returning Bikes

2023 Honda CB1000R

The naked CB1000R has donned a menacing, stylish black look for 2023. From its mono-backbone steel frame chassis to the components on the 998cc DOHC four-cylinder engine, the entire bike has been painted black. If there’s a bike for a fan of The Rolling Stones, this is it.

That engine put out healthy doses of power and torque for a smooth, responsive ride. An adjustable Showa Separate Function Fork Big Piston (SFF-BP) and a Showa rear shock smoothen out the bumps even further.

Using a five-inch full-color TFT display, the rider can swap between three default ride modes (Rain, Standard, Sport) and a user-modifiable mode. The screen also offers four types of speed/rpm display, a fuel gauge and consumption meter, and a shift-up indicator.

Ergonomics on the bike are sporty yet comfortable, thanks to a wide tapered handlebar and a 32.7-inch seat height. Whether you’re riding quick jaunts in the city or tackling long hauls on twisties, the bike offers a comfy ride.

The CB100R retails for $12,999 and will be available from February.

Honda Rolls into 2023 with 8 Returning Bikes

2023 Honda CBR650R

The CBR650R returns to the sport bike scene in an appropriate Grand Prix Red colorway. Powering the bike is a 649cc DOHC 16-valve engine that works together with the six-speed transmission to deliver smoothly-building speed.

Like the CB1000R, the CBR650R has Showa’s SFF-BP suspension (41mm) to mitigate bumps in the asphalt. The rear shock has an adjustable seven-stage spring preload.

To bring down the speed, the CBR650R boasts four-piston radial-mount front calipers that grip onto 310mm floating rotors, paired with a single-piston caliper and a 240mm rotor in the rear. ABS comes standard on the bike.

With a 31.9-inch seat height, the rider triangle is focused on aggressive, streamlined performance.

Prices for the CBR650R start at $9,899. The bike is available from February.

Honda Rolls into 2023 with 8 Returning Bikes

2023 Honda CB650R

The 2023 CBR650R naked bike retains its signature compact look, with a short tail and overhanging headlight. It has many of the same features as the CBR650R, including the engine, brakes, and suspension, so you can expect similarly powerful but smooth performance from the machines.

The difference is in the styling and ergonomics. The 650R features a forward-set handlebar and a 31.9-inch seat height for a comfortable seating position that doesn’t hinder sportier riding.

The 2023 CB650R comes in a Matte Gray Metallic colorway. Retailing for$9,399, it’ll be available from February.

Honda Rolls into 2023 with 8 Returning Bikes

2023 Honda CBR500R

The 2023 CBR500R continues the model’s decade-old tradition of wrapping all the fun of a sportbike into a compact, affordable package. Powered by a 471cc eight-valve parallel-twin, the bike delivers more energetic performance than the powerplant’s numbers would imply.

This bike shares the 41mm Showa SFF-BP front fork with the aforementioned bikes. In the rear, it has a single-tube shock with five-stage preload adjustment. Both suspension components deliver 4.7 inches of travel.

The clip-on handlebar contributes to a sport-oriented cockpit position. With a design philosophy of “total control,” the CBR500R offers speedy, confident performance with its narrow profile for improved ergonomics.

Riders can choose between Grand Prix Red and Sword Silver Metallic paint schemes. The bike will be available in the summer of 2023 at an MSRP of $7,299.

Honda Rolls into 2023 with 8 Returning Bikes

2023 Honda CB500F

The 2023 iteration of the CB500F provides a versatile riding experience that suits both newbies and veterans alike. This versatile naked motorcycle has the same engine and suspension as the CBR500R.

The bike’s highlight is its low weight. Coming in at 416 pounds with all fluids and a full 4.5-gallon tank of gas, you can enjoy a nimble ride with plenty of front-end grip.

A low 31.3-inch seat height and a neutral riding position make the CB500F easy to handle, no matter how tall the rider is. The ergonomics keep you comfortable on even lengthier weekend rides.

Coming in Matte Gray Metallic, the CB500F will be available for purchase in February at an MSRP of $6,799.

Honda Rolls into 2023 with 8 Returning Bikes

2023 Honda CB500X

The CB500X shares the engine of its F-model brother but offers a more adventure-oriented overall package. It transitions smoothly from city streets to off-road trails and is even suitable for carving through canyons.

To accommodate uneven trails, the Showa front fork and shock have more travel at 5.9 and 5.3 inches respectively. With 7.1 inches of ground clearance, the bottom of the frame won’t immediately scrape rocks.

For brakes, the CB500X features deal 296mm petal-style rotors and axial-mounted Nissin two-piston calipers. With a seat height of 32.8 inches, the bike offers an upright riding position that increases visibility and ease of handling.

A Peal Organic Green colorway helps this machine blend into more rural surroundings. Arriving in February, the CB500X retails for $7,299.

Honda Rolls into 2023 with 8 Returning Bikes

2023 Honda XR650L

The XR650L has a deserved dual-sport reputation and the 2023 model proudly continues it. This versatile machine is at home on any road, from single-lane dirt tracks to urban alleys.

A 644cc SOHC four-stroke engine and five-speed transmission deliver reliable power in all environments. For soaking up bumps, you have a 43mm Showa cartridge fork with 16-position compressions damping adjustability and a Pro-Link rear suspension system.

A motocross-style seat allows for unobstructed rider movement that—combined with the lightweight construction—makes XR650L easy to handle. A tubular engine guard and large fenders protect the powerplant and rider from flying debris.

The XR650L has a white paint job with Honda Racing-inspired graphics. The bike is available now for $6,999.

Honda Rolls into 2023 with 8 Returning Bikes

2023 Honda Fury

Last but absolutely not least, Honda brings on the fury. The chopper-style design and the striking Pearl Yellow colorway of the 2023 Fury are sure to turn heads as you roll down the road.

The 1,312cc 52-degree V-twin delivers strong low-end and midrange torque and plenty of power for passing and cruising. Not only does the engine perform well, but it also produces a pleasing, throaty exhaust note.

In the front resides a large-diameter 45mm extended fork with four inches of travel, while a rear shock with adjustable rebound damping and preload smoothens a ride in the back. A high-mount steering head, a slim 3.4-gallon gas tank, and minimalist front and rear fenders contribute to the custom chopper look of this machine.

The Fury is available now at an MSRP of $11,499.