Honda Reveals 2024 Motorcycle Lineup

Honda Reveals 2024 Motorcycle Lineup

It’s a new year, which means it’s time for unveiling new motorcycle lineups. Honda recently revealed its plans for the 2024 model year.

The Japanese moto maker is bringing back six on-road motorcycle models for 2024. The cavalcade of bikes has a nice spread of options for road warriors with varying tastes and skill levels.

Headlining the reveal is the Gold Wing. The famous touring barge will be available in five different versions and new colorways.

The Rebel 1100 also comes back to defy authority. Honda offers a new manual transmission variant for those riders who don’t trust automatic gearboxes.

Other bikes returning in 2024 include the Rebel 300 and 500, the Fury, and the NC750X. Let’s take a closer look at what changes and what remains the same with these motorcycles.

2024 Honda Gold Wing

Mechanically, the Gold Wings of 2024 will remain identical to the previous model year. If it works, why change it—and the Gold Wing with its 1833cc six-cylinder works just fine.

The biggest change in the Gold Wing lineup is in colors, and each model gets a brand-new paint job for 2024. The standard Gold Wing and its DCT variant shed last year’s gray look for an earthy Matte Armored Green Metallic colorway.

Meanwhile, the Gold Wing Tour standard and DCT models go from 2023’s black and red looks to Pearl White and Gray Metallic/Black options. The airbag model will be available only in the Pearl White colorway. I suppose darker livery is too scary for airbags to work properly.

The prices of the Gold Wing lineup have stayed virtually the same, with only minor fluctuations of a couple of hundred dollars one way or the other, depending on the model.

2024 Honda Rebel 1100

Like the Gold Wing, Honda’s flagship Rebel model receives new colors for 2024. This lineup, however, also gets a new mechanical option as well.

The bagger-influenced Rebel 1100T variant, introduced last year, was initially available only as the automatic DCT version. This year, Honda has added a manual transmission option for the Rebel 1100T, giving riders full control of the motorcycle.

In colors, the 2024 Rebel 1100 (both the manual and DCT version) dresses in Gray Metallic and Metallic Blue. The 1100T dons a darker garb, with Metallic Black and Matter Armored Green Metallic as available options.

Changes in pricing are minimal with all the returning Rebel 1100 models. The new manual Rebel 1100T retails for $10,699.

2024 Honda Rebel 500

The popular middle sibling of the Rebel family remains mechanically unchanged from 2023. Its colorways, however, are decidedly more muted than last year’s as the bike loses the bright blue paint job.

In 2024, the Rebel 500 and its ABS variant are available in a dark Matte Laurel Green and a shiny Pearl Black. The Rebel 500 ABS SE trim is available only in Pearl Smoky Gray.

The price of the standard Rebel 500 remains unchanged at $6,449, while both ABS trims have added $50 to their tags. Yet, they’re still affordable, beginner-friendly machines.

2024 Honda Rebel 300

The Rebel 300 will be available as a standard and ABS-equipped model, the same as in 2023. As with its 500 big brother, the only real difference is the color options.

Black remains on the menu, although it has changed from matte black to Pearl Black. Last year’s red colorway is replaced with a blazing Nitric Orange paint job.

The cost of both Rebel 300s has increased by $100, with the standard trim retailing for $4,849 and the ABS version for $5,149.

2024 Honda Fury

Honda’s chopper-style Fury cruiser joins the Gold Wing and smaller Rebels by receiving no mechanical changes from 2023. The new color, however, makes the bike look surprisingly different.

In 2024, the Fury dons an olive Adventure Green paint job, alongside a blacked-out frame. That’s quite a contrast to the bright yellow body and chrome frame from last year. It seems muted colors are in fashion, at least with Honda.

Although the Fury’s paint job has changed, the price has not. The bike still sells for $11,499.

2024 Honda NC750X

Last but not least, we have the NC750X adventure tourer. This motorcycle continues the theme of 2024, remaining the same mechanically and receiving a darker lick of paint.

The 2024 NC750X is available in Matte Nightshade Blue, as opposed to last year’s sporty Grand Prix Red. The price has increased marginally, with the motorcycle retailing for $9,499.