Harley-Davidson Serial 1 E-bicycle Line

Harley-Davidson Serial 1 E-bicycle Line

We’ve seen lots of new things from Harley-Davidson recently. One of them is not actually a motorcycle. The electric bicycle market has been gaining traction and H-D wants a piece of that pie.

Enter the Serial 1 e-bike line. One of the newest contributions from the Motor Company, the name is a nod to H-D’s first motorcycle, the Model 1. The riding position is upright and comfortable. Each of the five models, except the Mosh/CTY, has features such as fenders, racks, hydraulic disk brakes, and integrated lighting.

The Serial 1 line is equipped with Brose 66 lb-ft motors. All but the Mosh/CTY feature Enviolo AutomatiQ CVT transmissions. They are well balanced and carry their battery and motor low in the chassis. When you push on the pedals, the motor takes over. The power output can be tuned via an app.

The bikes don’t currently have suspension, but all models are equipped with fat tires that smooth out the ride and keep the bikes stable at speed. They all feature a smooth and quiet carbon belt drive system with a robust design. All but one of the Series 1 bikes are Class 1 “pedal assist” bikes, save for the Rush/CTY Speed, which is a Class 3—thanks to its top speed of 28 mph. A stylish yet casual low maintenance experience seems to be what H-D is going for.

The Serial 1 bikes range in price from $3,799 to $5,599.