Harley-Davidson is Electrifying with the LiveWire ONE

Harley-Davidson is Electrifying with the LiveWire ONE

You can’t really picture a Harley-Davidson without the signature sound of its internal combustion engine, which they even tried to patent at one point. Maybe that’s why The Motor Company decided to spin LiveWire off into its own brand. The electric LiveWire concept bike was introduced in 2014, but the brand now exists as a separate entity in the H-D family.

With the new brand also comes a new motorcycle—the aptly-named LiveWire ONE. The company says the bike focuses on delivering a digital, electric experience, but is solidly built on the H-D DNA.

The most important thing about any EV is the battery, and the ONE delivers in this regard. Aimed at urban riders, LiveWire promises a 146-mile range. Charging times aren’t bad either—the battery should go from empty to fully charged in an hour. The ONE also comes with advanced rider aids, a six-axis inertial measurement unit (IMU), and customizable ride modes. All things you’d expect from any modern bike.

The electric motor delivers full torque instantly. Building on the original LiveWire concept bike, the ONE features a slew of digital connectivity options, allowing the rider to track battery level, stream directions, and receive alerts.

The LiveWire ONE is available for ordering online and can be purchased at select LiveWire brand dealers (12 stores planned with more coming later), with a price tag of $21,999.