Greenger x Honda CRF-E2: Little Riders’ Own Bike

Greenger x Honda CRF-E2: Little Riders’ Own Bike

Electric Dirtbike for Kids

It just got a whole lot easier to cultivate the next generation of riders. Partnering with electric powersports company Greenger, Honda has launched a new bike — specifically for the young ones.

The new all-electric Greenger x Honda CRF-E2 is a practical and exciting ride for both completely green and more experienced little motorcyclists.

The bike’s clutchless and shift-less operation makes it a great training bike for new riders. Meanwhile, a bit older gearheads get a reasonably sized stepping stone to actual dirt bikes.

Greenger x Honda CRF-E2: Little Riders’ Own Bike

“The CRF-E2 will expand the enjoyment of riding off-road on two wheels to more families. The appeal to traditional enthusiasts is obvious, as it’s just a cool little dirt bike,” said Brad Chapman, Greenger Manager of Sales and Marketing in a statement.

“At the same time, it breaks down barriers with people who wouldn’t otherwise consider powersports, but who are already comfortable with electricity’s increasingly ubiquitous role in our society. We can’t wait to see more kids getting the chance to discover what dirt bikes are all about.”

Definitely Not a Toy

Although the CRF-E2 is aimed at kids, it’s far from being a toy. The bike, with its motocross-inspired red bodywork and blue-and-white graphics, is pretty much a miniaturized dirt machine.

The CRF-E2 sports a sturdy twin-spar aluminum frame, which holds a 48-volt BLDC electric motor. The powerplant is a perfect example of a little engine that could — it produces 3.4 horsepower and 18.4 lb-ft of torque. Parents can control the engine’s output between two power levels to accommodate the young rider’s skills.

Powering the engine is a lithium-ion battery that offers two-hours of fun in the dirt. The battery charges in four hours, or two and a half with the optional quick charger. It’s also possible to swap the battery for a spare unit.

Greenger x Honda CRF-E2: Little Riders’ Own Bike

In addition to the engine, the other mechanics on the CRF-E2 prepare young riders for bigger bikes. It has a 33mm telescopic hydraulic fork with 3.9 inches of travel and a DNM shock with 8.3 inches of travel. The rear shock also features adjustable preload and rebound damping, like those found on any respectable bike.

The 12-inch aluminum wheels are clad with Kenda Millville K771 knobby tires. In order to stop small speed demons, the CRF-E2 sports adjustable aluminum brake levers.

The bike can grow with its rider’s frame and skills. In addition to the levers, the seat height can be adjusted between 24.8 and 25.5 inches. The bike suits riders of any size below 99 pounds of weight.

The Greener x Honda CRF-E2 offers a new way to get fresh blood into motorcycling. The bike is available now at an MSRP of $2,950.