Energica Experia — The World's First All-Electric Touring Bike

Energica Experia — The World's First All-Electric Touring Bike

Electric motorcycles are becoming increasingly common, but they often struggle with getting long-distance mileage out of their batteries. With its new bike, Energica is looking to change that.

Energica is an Italian high-performance motorcycle manufacturer from Modena. The company has just introduced the Experia, the first all-electric, zero-emissions touring bike in the world.

Energica has been manufacturing both racing and road bikes for a decade. The firm has put its experience to use with the aim of designing a true electric touring machine.

“We have focused on the real-world needs of motorcycle riders worldwide, creating an ex novo state-of-the-art engineering platform. We melded high-tech electric mobility with the roaming spirit of the motorcycle traveler. The intention was to create the first electric motorcycle created specifically for long-distance bike lovers,” Giampiero Testoni, Energica’s chief technology officer, said in a statement.

Engine and Battery

The Energica Experia is built around the manufacturer’s new second-generation Energica Green Tourer technology platform. Energica has focused on reengineering the EMCE electric motor and battery chemistry, alongside optimizing chassis and frame design. As a result, the Experia has a lighter frame with improved balance and rideability, the company claims.

The all-new engine is a Permanent Magnet Assisted Synchronous Reluctance Motor (PMASynRM), with nominal 306 volts. It’s lighter than the powerplants of Energica’s other bikes, and it’s also positioned lower for a more manageable center of gravity.

The peak power of the PMASynRM reaches 75 kW (equivalent to 102 hp) at 7,500 rpm, while the maximum torque is 85 lb-ft. Thanks to its engine power, the Experia can reach a top speed of 112 mph—more than enough to take the bike on a highway. The bike accelerates from 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds.

Like the engine, the Experia’s battery has become lighter and sits lower in the frame. At 22.5 kWh, it has one of the largest capacities out of any electric motorcycle.

The large-capacity battery gives Experia a range of around 160 miles of combined and 260 miles of urban riding. Even on open country roads, the bike can go 130 miles on a full battery.

You won’t have to wait long to fill the battery after depleting it. A Level 3/DC Fast Charger will charge the battery from 0-80% in 40 minutes. A Level 2 or Level 1 charger can fill the bike overnight while you relax in a hotel room.

Due to its electric nature, the Experia has no transmission, clutch, noise, or vibration. It lets riders focus entirely on the road.

A Full Package

The Experia isn’t just all about the engine and battery, though. The other parts of the bike contribute to an all-around comfortable touring experience.

To absorbs bumps in the road, the Experia has a ZF Sachs 43mm front fork with 150mm of travel, adjustable preload, extension, and compression. In the rear, a ZF Sachs monoshock with 55m of travel and adjustable extension and preload works in conjunction.

Stopping power stems from Brembo brakes with 330mm double floating discs and four-piston calipers in the front, and a single 240mm Brembo disc with two calipers in the rear. The factory tires are Pirelli Scorpion Trail II with a 17-inch diameter both in front and rear.

In other goodies, the Experia has a five-inch TFT color display on its dashboard. The dash also has two USB ports, with two more under a waterproof, lockable storage compartment.

The Experia has a stylish, angular design that blends in with modern touring bikes relying on internal combustion engines. The fairing has been designed to provide good weather and wind protection while remaining unobtrusive.

The colorway is a cool, gray Bormio Ice. The initial Launch Edition of the Experia comes with hard side panniers with a total capacity of 112 liters, and also features bar ends and bolts in black Ergal, heated handgrips, and aluminum rims with red details.

The Experia will be available to order starting June 1, with deliveries starting in fall 2022.

RoadRUNNER will be testing the Experia in early June, so stay tuned for a review coming soon!