Do Good: Ride for Kids & Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

Do Good: Ride for Kids Motorcycle Charity

Cancer is a terrible disease in any circumstances, but it’s at its worst when it affects children. In the U.S. alone, 28,000 children and teens are fighting tumors in their brain or central nervous system. It goes without saying that they need all the help they can get.

The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation (PBTF) is hosting this year’s nationwide Ride for Kids Day on September 12. Coinciding with their sponsor American Honda’s 30th anniversary celebration, this motorcycling charity event invites riders, children, and parents to participate in a day of scenic motorcycle riding, food, entertainment, and fun—all the while raising funds for children’s cancer research.

The Ride for Kids events take place across the country at 24 locations. Any street-legal motorcycle is welcome, from custom cruisers to dual sports. All rides during the day are sanctioned by the AMA, and there’ll be plenty of activities to keep even non-riders entertained. Registration costs $45 per person on the day, or $40 if done online ahead of time. The price gives you entry to the event, with the added bonuses of food, a Ride for Kids T-shirt, and a ride pin.

Help from the Saddle

Ride for Kids is the country’s longest-running and most successful motorcycle charity event, organized since 1991. The funds raised on the day go to funding sorely needed research that seeks to find cures to more than 100 types of brain tumors in children. In addition, they fund family support programs and groups, emergency financial assistance, the StarFolio guidebook for newly diagnosed small cancer patients, and other educational materials.

Previous Ride for Kids events have already done a lot to help PBTF’s work. They have funded innovative, cutting-edge medical initiatives and clinical trials that have resulted in the discovery of new treatments for childhood cancer. The emergency financial assistance available through PBTF’s programs has provided much-needed help to families—not to mention the more than 1,700 college and vocational scholarships awarded to build a future for brain cancer survivors.

The StarFolio guide has given families with a new cancer diagnosis the knowledge and resources they need to get through the difficult times ahead of them. PBTF also produces the Imaginary Friend Society series of animated films that teach kids about cancer and make the disease seem less scary.

Come along for the ride and do good for children. To make a donation, learn more about the event, or become a corporate sponsor, visit their website.

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