Biker Down: Motorcycle Accident Help

Biker Down: Motorcycle Accident Help

When you’re out on a ride and you have a fall, who you gonna call? BikerDown!

Well, you should actually probably start with the emergency number. But BikerDown is there to help riders recover after being in an accident. For more than a decade, the non-profit organization has harnessed the collective goodwill of motorcycle enthusiasts to provide support and resources for the more unlucky ones.

BikerDown offers many kinds of assistance to riders and their families to get them through the aftermath of a motorcycle accident. The list includes emotional support, financial assistance and advice, medical equipment, and more, depending on the case.

The organization was born in 2011. It’s the brainchild of Laurie Easton-Montoya, who got the spark to found BikerDown after attending an unfortunate ride where several riders got too close to the asphalt. Realizing that there was no organization dedicated to helping fallen riders, she demonstrated the camaraderie motorcyclists are known for and launched one on her own.

Within 10 short years, BikerDown has grown significantly. It now consists of the national chapter, whose operations are complemented by four local chapters in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, and Nevada.

Fundraisers are BikerDown’s main assistance tool. Any injured rider—or their loved ones—can submit a help request on the organization’s website. Within 48 hours, a representative of BikerDown will contact the applicant and schedule a personal visit to determine what kind of help is needed. In addition to fundraisers, BikerDown promotes helpful third-party resources, like support organizations, assistance funds, and attorneys. They also encourage riders to acquire proper motorcycle insurance.

BikerDown relies on volunteers, sponsors, and their members to fund their operations. They also operate an online apparel store, and organize the annual Look Twice, Save a Life ride.

With their actions, BikerDown hopes to create a compassionate and proactive riding culture. If you require assistance, or would like to donate or volunteer, visit BikerDown’s website at