Do Good: ArcWorks

Do Good: ArcWorks

When riding on dark roads, you have to be brightly lit for maximum visibility. InView is a handy device for boosting any rider’s safety. Developed by Pittsford, NY-based Third Eye Design, this wireless brake and turn signal light mounts effortlessly on the back of your helmet and puts a big red light in clear view of anyone behind you.

But useful as it is, the InView isn’t the hero of this story. Those would be the employees at ArcWorks. Third Eye Design partnered with this Rochester, NY, manufacturing company to package and ship their products.

ArcWorks, operated by Arc of Monroe, employs people with disabilities in full-scale contract manufacturing operations. With their help, the company offers packaging, assembly, order fulfillment, cleanroom, and pharmaceutical laboratory services—and more.

Do Good: ArcWorks
An ArcWorks employee hard at work.

What sets ArcWorks apart from many other similar operations is that their disabled employees don’t work in separate, isolated rooms. Each and every member of the ArcWorks team participates in everyday operations on the factory floor. The shared work environment helps the employees with disabilities integrate into society and lead more fulfilling lives.

And the strategy works. Workplace attendance rate at ArcWorks stands at 99.1%—miles above that of your average factory. Happy employees produce good results, too. David Werner, CEO of Third Eye Design, couldn’t be more satisfied with his business partner.

Do Good: ArcWorks
The InView wireless helmet brake and turn signal system from Third Eye Design. Manufactured by ArcWorks.

“As an individual, I believe it’s important to give back. I am so thrilled to be able to do it in the way that we’re doing it, partnering with ArcWorks to have them do our packaging and fulfillment,” says Werner.

To any motorcycle gear manufacturer, he has one message: go see ArcWorks.

“You’re going to find a bunch of really happy people who are happy to come to work and who do a great job,” he adds.

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