BMW Unveils New F Series Motorcycles

BMW Unveils New F Series Motorcycles

BMW is serving up a real treat for riders with a penchant for mid-range ADV bikes. The German moto company has announced not one but three new additions to its F series—the 2024 F 800 GS, F 900 GS, and F 900 GS Adventure.

Each motorcycle is powered by the same engine, but they come to their own in power, character, and trim level. The F 800 GS is a beginner-friendly machine that has now gained more power, while the F 900 GS Adventure is a long-distance tourer on pavement and gravel alike.

And the F 900 GS? Well, that’s received a complete redesign, serving as a lightweight off-road machine.

Let’s take a look at what these adventurous motorcycles have to offer in various departments.


As mentioned, the trio of newcomers draws their power from the same engine. The powerplant is the 895cc in-line two engine we’ve already seen on the F 900 R and F 900 XR. It just runs in the F family.

Although the bikes share the engine, their power outputs are not identical. On the F 800 GS, the motor puts out a maximum of 87 ponies at 6,750 rpm and achieves peak torque of 67 lb-ft at the same revs. That’s 10 horses and 6 lb-ft more than the bike’s previous iteration.

The F 900 GS and GS Adventure get to enjoy 105 horsepower at 8,500 rpm (10 more than previously) and 68.6 lb-ft at 6,750 rpm (up by 0.8 lb-ft). BMW promises the torque curve to be noticeably greater over the entire speed range, contributing more pulling power and faster acceleration.

All bikes feature active cylinder-selective knock control with an updated oxygen sensor. The system allows the motorcycles to use a wider range of fuel options without losing performance.

As standard, each motorcycle comes with two ride modes—Road and Rain—to control the engine’s output. There are also optional ride modes, but we’ll get to those later.

The F 900 GS additionally has a standard Akrapovič sport muffled to reduce its weight

Chassis and Suspension

Each of the new F series bikes is built around the same steel trellis frame, with the engine as a stressed element. The steel rear frame is bolted onto the front one, creating a short and slim rear section.

The F 800 GS and F 900 GS Adventure remain unchanged in this area, but the F 900 GS introduces new solutions to shave pounds off the bike. It features a plastic 3.8-gallon gas tank instead of a steel one, which reduces weight by 9.9 pounds.

In addition, the F 900 GS’ rear section has been redesigned from scratch to drop an extra 5.3 pounds. It also has a new luggage carrier that BMW claims is quick and easy to assemble and disassemble.

For suspension, the F 800 GS retains the previous model’s 41mm front fork with 6.7 inches of travel. Both of the F 900 bikes, however, receive a new fully adjustable 43mm inverted Showa fork that offers 9.1 travel inches.

In the rear, we have double-sided aluminum swing arms linked to a central shock with adjustable preload and rebound damping. The F 900 GS/GSA boast 8.5 inches of rear travel while the F 800 GS makes do with 6.7 inches. The F 900 GS’ swingarm has been modified to be 0.5 pounds lighter in comparison to its siblings.

For brakes, each bike sports 305mm twin discs with double-piston floating calipers in the front, while in the rear lives a single 265mm disc with a single-piston caliper. ABS comes standard on all bikes.


The new and updated F series bikes feature a 6.5-inch color TFT display for controlling their electronics suite. In this regard, the motorcycles don’t do anything groundbreaking, but they do offer the basics you’d expect.

The TFT screen is linked to a multi-controller on the left grip. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to hook your smartphone to the bike for navigation, phone calls, music, and so on. The F 900 GS features a standard holder for phones, cameras, or other gadgets.

In addition, the F 900 GS has received a new LED headlight that should improve lighting directly in front of the motorcycle, while also removing 1.3 pounds of weight. The F 800 GS and F 900 GS Adventure also have full LED lighting, but there’s nothing new on them in this department.


The F 900 GS has changed significantly from its previous iteration. In total, the bike’s weight has dropped by 3008 pounds—a significant bit of dieting for the off-road-oriented motorcycle.

BMW has redesigned the tank side and radiator trim, making the F 900 GS slimmer than before, while the new frame trim allows for better leg contact when standing on the pegs. The rear section is also a lot narrower, and the bike has standard handguards.

The F900 GS color options include Blackstorm Metallic, Passion (a greenish yellow and red), and GS Trophy. The latter also adds extra hand protection and a taller enduro-style windshield.

For the F 800 GS, the available colorways include Light White, Racing Blue Metallic, and Blackstorm Metallic. Meanwhile, the F 900 GS Adventure comes in Blackstorm Metallic or Ride Pro (matte aluminum white, blue, and red).

Optional Goodies

BMW offers a whole slew of optional packages to customize your F motorcycle. The Riding Modes Pro package adds the Dynamic and Enduro ride modes, and also Enduro Pro on the F 900 GS/GSA.

This package allows the rider to assign four ride modes to the buttons on the right grip controls for quick swapping. Also included is engine drag torque control.

For the F 900 GS, you can purchase the Enduro Package Pro, which includes a new Showa front fork, a ZF Sachs shock, a black tubular handlebar with 0.9-inch raisers, and an extra-durable M Endurance chain.

The F 800 GS and F 900 GS Adventure can be upgraded with the BMW Dynamic Electronic Suspension Adjustment (ESA) system. The system works with ABS and DTC to adjust the suspension components to suit the ride. There’s also a low suspension options, which lowers seat height by 2.2-2.8 inches, depending on the model.

You can also get the eCall system, which automatically alerts the authorities in case of an accident. A Keyless Ride system is also available if turning a key in the bike’s lock sounds like an insurmountable obstacle.

Finally, BMW offers a Premium Package for each motorcycle with various extra features, from the aforementioned additional ride modes to cruise control, a centerstand, and more.