BDR Gearing Up to Release New Oregon Route

BDR Gearing Up to Release New Oregon Route | RoadRUNNER Magazine

Adventure riders will soon have a new playground to rip through. Backcountry Discovery Routes (BDR), an adventure motorcycling non-profit, is preparing to release its latest route on February 4.

Located in Oregon, this 12th BDR route starts in Beaver State’s southeastern, high desert environs. From there, riders head north into the Cascade Range over 750 miles of challenging lava rock, silt, sand, and steep mountain roads.

Along the ORBDR route, you’ll come face to face with many of Oregon’s small and large natural miracles, many of them volcanic. You’ll encounter hot springs, pyroducts, caverns, buttes, and dormant volcanoes.

“I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and have always been fascinated by volcanoes. The ORBDR is a route filled with natural wonders of the volcanic kind,” Bryce Stevens, BDR co-founder and the architect of the Oregon route, said in a statement.

BDR Gearing Up to Release New Oregon Route | RoadRUNNER Magazine

The ORBDR has been designed to show off the varying, ever-changing nature in different parts of Oregon. Proceeding from the southern desert through sparse pine forests in the state’s central parts and terminating in the dense forests of the Cascades, the route feels like three BDRs combined into one.

As with other BDR routes, riders can download GPS tracks, travel resources, and digital maps to take on the ORBDR. All the resources will be hosted for free at the BDR website.

Many large-profile motorcycling industry players supported BDR in the Oregon route’s creation. The list includes BMW Motorrad, Mosko Moto, Edelweiss Bike Travel, Gaia GPS, REV’IT!, and many more.

Accompanying the publication of the route will be a tailor-made ORBDR documentary film. This feature-length motorcycling spectacular details the BDR team’s and their sponsor guests’ exploits as they traverse the new route.

The film’s premiere will be on February 4 at the Aladdin Theater in Portland, OR. Afterward, the movie will go on a months-long tour with more than 70 screenings planned at bike dealerships and club all over America.

You can view the film’s trailer on the ORBDR website. That’s the same address that will host the route information after release, so make sure to bookmark it.

Previous BDR routes offer riding adventures in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, the Mid-Atlantic region, Nevada, New Mexico, the Northeast, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.