Aprilia Announces Tuareg 660 Baja California Tour

Aprilia Announces Tuareg 660 Baja California Tour

The only way to truly experience a motorcycle is to get out and ride it. Aprilia is now offering riders a chance to get acquainted with the Tuareg 660 on the Aprilia Tuareg 660 Experience—Baja California tour.

This six-day tour takes riders from San Diego, CA, to Bahía de los Ángeles, roughly halfway down the Baja Peninsula. Participants get to ride across a variety of technical roads, traversing more than 1,000 miles.

The guided Aprilia Tuareg 660 Experience tour includes a rental Tuareg. In addition, meals and lodging are part of the package.

Aprilia Announces Tuareg 660 Baja California Tour

Aprilia encourages riders to have a reasonable amount of technical riding experience. Participants should have at the minimum an intermediate ability to ride a dual sport bike across challenging terrain.

Aprilia says participating riders can expect to spend the majority of each day in the saddle. The tour program includes the following legs:

  • Day 1—San Diego to Ensenada: Participants will meet over dinner the night before departure. This first day of the tour will cover paved coastal roads, mountain passages, and deserts.
  • Day 2—Ensenada to San Felipe: The second day will be a challenging one, traversing 275 miles across the San Martir Mountains National Park.
  • Day 3—San Felipe to Bahía de los Ángeles: The third day will see riders tackling coastal roads, with dirt and asphalt riding, before moving on to desert environs.
  • Day 4—Bahía de los Ángeles to Cataviña: On Day 4, riders will turn north to battle the mixed road conditions of the Baja’s interior on a challenging desert ride.
  • Day 5—Cataviña to Ensenada: The fifth day’s route heads to the Pacific coast, offering open nature views as riders close the loop back to Ensenada.
  • Day 6—Ensenada to San Diego: The most casual day of the tour, Day 6 finishes the ride by passing through coastal cities to the Tijuana border.
Aprilia Announces Tuareg 660 Baja California Tour

The Aprilia Tuareg 660 Experience will take place on October 23-30, 2022. Registration for the waitlist is open on the Aprilia website.