All Kids Bike Celebrates a Successful 2023

All Kids Bike Celebrates a Successful 2023

Riding on two wheels is a useful skill to have, whether the vehicle under you is powered by pedals or an engine. To that end, All Kids Bike has an ambitious goal—the national program aims to teach every child in the U.S. to ride a bicycle.

Although the organization isn’t quite there yet, it is certainly making good progress. As we rolled into a new year, All Kids Bike celebrated a very successful 2023.

Last year, All Kids Bike delivered 326 programs, seeing the Learn-to-Ride Kindergarten PE program implemented in 1,150 schools. Altogether, 124,270 children learned the valuable skill of riding a bicycle.

Yet, the organization isn’t content with just repeating the same old thing again and again. That’s why last year also saw the launch of the all-new Inclusive Learn-to-Ride Program, aimed at teaching bike riding to children and youths with disabilities. Despite it being introduced only in August 2023, All Kids Bike had already launched five programs before the calendar rolled over.

All Kids Bike couldn’t do its valuable work without the help and support of its collaborators and donors. For 2023, the organization highlighted the following donors:

  • The HDR Foundation helped All Kids Bike extend its reach to 40 new schools during the 2023-24 school year.
  • Yamaha Motor Corp donated $100,000 to All Kids Bike, helping the organization bring the Kindergarten PE program to 100 new schools in 2023-24.
  • NASCAR Chicago Street Race and the NASCAR Foundation made a holiday bike donation to Ogden Elementary School in Chicago, IL.
  • Green Bay Packers NFL player Kenny Clark introduced the Kindergarten PE program at Howe Elementary School in Green Bay, WI.

All Kids Bike is looking to significantly expand its outreach in 2024 and the years to come. The organization hopes to offer 1.2 million American children the opportunity to learn to ride a bicycle.

There’s a good reason for that, too. Not only is learning to cycle a fun, thrilling experience, but it can also help improve children’s physical health and sense of balance while providing feelings of success and more independence in the form of being able to operate a bicycle.

All Kids Bike was launched in November 2018 by the Strider Bikes Education Foundation. Only two years later, the Kindergarten PE program had been implemented in 260 schools in 38 states. By the end of 2021, All Kids Bike was active in all 50 states, and the Kindergarten PE program broke the 100,000-participant threshold in November 2022.

To enroll in an All Kids Bike program, a school must send an application to the organization, together with a one-time fee ($9,000 for the Kindergarten PE program, $5,000 for the Inclusive program). After training teachers, All Kids Bike delivers the necessary equipment to the school, including bicycles that can be converted between balance and pedal bikes depending on the rider’s age and skill.For more information on the programs and organization, visit their website.