A Professional Globetrotter: Royal Enfield's Paolo Brovedani

A Professional Globetrotter: Royal Enfield's Paolo Brovedani | RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring & Travel

At the age of 63, when most of his colleagues are already enjoying their retirement, Italian engineer Paolo Brovedani packed his bags and moved from Peugeot in France to the Royal Enfield development center in England. After a successful introduction, he then moved to Chennai, India, in 2020 where he became the Chief of Motorcycle Development with a team of several hundred people.

I had the pleasure of developing production motorbikes for several years in Paolo Brovedani's team at Aprilia from 1994 onward. Aprilia RX 125, RS 250, Pegaso 650, and SL 1000 Falco were joint projects where Brovedani ensured that we met the project goals with extraordinary determination.

There was no quarter given in terms of costs, schedules and performance. Delivery bottlenecks or unforeseen development problems were dealt with by working night shifts or weekends.