Automatic Crash Detection

Automatic Crash Detection | RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring & Travel Magazine
A dropped bike or crash? Distinguishing between the two is currently one of the stumbling blocks for emergency systems.

Apple recently introduced an interesting crash detection feature to the latest iPhone 14 smartphones and the Apple Watch lineup. Crash detection automatically recognizes severe vehicular crashes, including front, side, and rear collisions, as well as rollovers. Upon detecting the crash, the Apple device sounds a loud alarm and displays an emergency message. If the passenger is unresponsive and hasn’t slid the SOS bar within 20 seconds, the device will send SMS text messages to a predefined list of emergency contacts. Additionally, it automatically calls the local emergency services (911 in the U.S.) and pla

ys a looped voice message in the detected location’s primary language.

The messages inform the recipients that a crash involving unresponsive passengers has occurred and includes the approximate coordinates of the crash location. As a last step, if the information has been entered into the system, the Apple device displays its owner’s medical ID records on the screen to provide emergency medical teams with vital information, such as blood type, known medical conditions, medications, and allergies.