4 Unique Places to Stay Near Durango, CO

4 Unique Places to Stay Near Durango, CO

Durango, CO, is a first-class motorcycling destination. With majestic mountains all around, this town is a gateway to a motorcycle wonderland.

First and foremost, the Million Dollar Highway begins roughly 50 miles north of Durango, offering excellent mountain curves. Of course, there are also SR 145 and 62 that take you to some of the highest elevations in the area, and US 160 that leads to the Mesa Verde National Park.

As a crowning glory, traffic in the region is virtually nonexistent even in the high season, making Durango a prime base for multi-day motorcycle adventures.

Yet, you need somewhere to lay down your head after long days in the saddle. Here are four hotels, inns, and motels in and near Durango that guarantee a unique after-ride stay.

Strater Hotel

Built in 1887, the historical Strater Hotel is one of, if not the first hotel in Durango. It’s a great location for immersing yourself in the town’s gold rush past.

The decor at Strater Hotel really transports you back to the past with things like period-accurate handpainted Bradbury & Bradbury wallpaper and chandeliers from the 19th century. You can also admire (and use) the world’s largest collection of Victorian walnut furnishing.

Yet, you don’t need to forsake modern comforts for the historical air. Strater Hotel offers everything you’d expect, from free Wi-Fi to air conditioning.

Strater Hotel offers 88 immaculately decorated rooms in various sizes, and the staff is happy to help you find one that has the space you need for spreading out your gear. Thanks to the on-site laundry and dry-cleaning facilities, you can easily wash clothing soiled by the mountain roads.

Excellent on-site dining options mean you won’t have to leave the hotel after a long day’s ride—although Strater is in downtown Durango in case you feel like taking a stroll. The hotel offers private parking spots, but note that they are on-street.

General Palmer Hotel

The General Palmer Hotel is another lodging option for those who want to sleep surrounded by the past. Constructed in 1889, General Palmer Hotel doesn’t lose out to Strater in historicity in any way that matters.

The hotel is named after General William Jackson Palmer, the president of the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad who practically founded Durango in 1880. This is the only historical AAA four-diamond hotel in southwestern Colorado.

It’s easy to see why. General Palmer Hotel exudes 19th-century ambiance, from the hardwood floors to the wallpaper and antique furnishing. Of course, under the historical surface lie complete modern hotel amenities.

You can choose to stay in the original main hotel or the even more luxurious Palace Wing in rooms and suites of many different sizes. Store your luggage in the hotel baggage storage and make use of the provided dry-cleaning services.

The hotel offers private parking in an off-street lot. Complimentary continental breakfast is served daily in the lobby and the hotel is within walking distance of downtown Durango’s great restaurants and bars.

Apple Orchard Inn

Durango isn’t a huge town, but many riders come to this area of Colorado for peace and quiet. If even Durango is too busy for you, the Apple Orchard Inn is the hideaway you seek.

Located 10 miles north of downtown Durango, Apple Orchard Inn is surrounded by stunning mountain views. The property features a well-cared lawn, beautiful wildflowers, and tranquil ponds and streams to help you relax.

You have your choice of staying in one of the well-sized rooms in the main building or the six separate cottages on the property. All rooms and cottages feature private bathrooms, air conditioning, and other essential modern comforts.

Apple Orchard Inn has a private off-street parking lot, with a few trees that provide shade in select spots. A complimentary breakfast is provided daily. For dinner options, the property has barbecue facilities, and there are some restaurants within a couple of miles.

Oh, and you can play mini-golf at Apple Orchard Inn.

Caboose Motel

Looking to have a great time in Durango without breaking the bank? Caboose Motel makes for an affordable yet comfortable and clean no-nonsense stay in the area.

The motel is located just outside downtown Durango on US 550, giving you access to everything in and out of town. There are nice to the northern mountains, the Animas River, and Durango’s skyline from the balconies of the upstairs rooms.

The rooms aren’t huge but there’s enough space for your gear to still make for a comfortable stay. Caboose Motel offers complimentary private parking and you can leave your motorcycle right by the room.

There are small fridges and a kitchenette in the rooms, barbecue facilities outside, and a grocery store within a couple of minutes’ walk, so cooking your own dinner is perfectly possible. That said, there are also restaurants within a stone’s throw if slaving over a hot stove isn’t part of your moto tour plans.

For after-ride entertainment, you can find the pretty riverside Animal City Park and Animas Museum nearby. If you’re too tired to venture out, relax in the motel’s gazebo area.