2024 Yamaha Ténéré 700—Still Performing

2024 Yamaha Ténéré 700—Still Performing

For 2024, the Yamaha Ténéré 700 boasts a few upgrades for a nominal price increase of $300, from $10,499 to $10,799. Among the new features are a color TFT display, ABS that is switchable to the rear wheel or both wheels, an updated handlebar switch, and LED indicators. The details that endear the mid-displacement adventure bike to its fans—the engine performance, the light weight, the responsive chassis—remain unchanged.

Replacing the outdated LCD is a new five-inch color TFT display. Unique about the display is its vertical mounting arrangement and the corresponding vertical Explorer theme display. You may find the tach readout a little hard to decipher, but the information layout makes better use of the visible area compared to the Street theme and its more traditional design with a round tachometer. The visible area would greatly increase without the thick bezel (reminiscent of the original iPad) surrounding the screen.

The new display utilizes Yamaha’s Y-Connect phone app for determining information, including parked bike location, maintenance alerts, a riding log, and incoming call alerts. To access the display, Yamaha installed a new dial on the right handlebar where a combination of scrolling and short and long pushes allow the rider to access the various submenus. Why Yamaha chose to position the dial on the right handlebar is a headscratcher. If the temperature suddenly drops during your ride and you want to know by how much, you might run into some issues when trying to spin the dial to access the ambient temperature readout while manipulating the throttle.

An equally, if not more, important update is the ability to switch ABS off at only the rear wheel. The previous model gave the rider only two choices (ABS on or off at both wheels), but the 2024 Ténéré has three settings—ABS on or off at both wheels or off at only the rear wheel. The front ABS appears to have long intervals between ABS pulses that don’t allow the bike to slow very quickly, though, so having ABS off at both wheels when riding off-road may be the best solution.

In addition to the ABS selections and TFT display, the Ténéré receives new front and rear LED turn signals. The 2024 model also comes pre-wired for Yamaha’s accessory quickshifter ($199.99). The quickshifter is not bidirectional and operates only during upshifts, but it’s still a nice piece of technology to have on a motorcycle devoid of many modern conveniences, such as ride modes and traction control.

As mentioned earlier, the heart and chassis of the 2024 Ténéré 700 remain unchanged. The liquid-cooled, 689cc, 270-degree, CP2 parallel-twin engine powering the Ténéré is a joy to ride and makes you forget about the lack of rider aids after only a short time aboard the motorcycle. The perimeter steel frame, 43mm KYB fork with 8.3 inches of travel, piggyback KYB shock with 7.9 inches of travel, and 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheel combo will keep the Ténéré performing well against its competition in the immediate future.