2023 Vespa Pic Nic Now Available in North America

2023 Vespa Pic Nic Now Available in North America

Touring riders often go for cruisers and other large, high-powered bikes. But sometimes you can get just as much joy out of the other end of the scale. If you’re looking to go on a downsized ride, the 2023 Vespa Pic Nic is now available stateside.

The Pic Nic is an upgraded version of the Vespa Primavera, the classic ‘60s motor scooter. The company says it created the Pic Nic for a carefree, light, and easy riding experience.

And the Pic Nic sure lives up to its name. The scooter is available in 50cc and 150cc versions to take you to the picnic grounds with as much power as you need.

The unmistakably Italian rear picnic basket and a blanket enforce that happy-go-lucky image. The wooden basket, made from intertwined rattan, contains a cooler bag.

The blanket is water resistant to keep you and your picnic treats dry even on wet grass. Both accessories travel conveniently on chrome-plated front and rear luggage racks, found standard on the scooter.

The Vespa Picnic is available in greenish Verde and gray Grigio colorways. The saddle features two-tone colors, with a beige seating area and a dark brown rear stripe. The dark brown shade carries over to rubber inserts on the footrests and on the front of the bike.

The 2023 Vespa Picnic is available now at an MSRP of $4,699 for the 50cc and $5,999 for the 150cc version.