2023 BMW R 1250 R

2023 BMW R 1250 R | RoadRUNNER Magazine

BMW has announced changes for 2023 to its popular roadster, the R 1250 R. The versatile naked sportbike/commuter/daily rider receives cosmetic updates and modest—but enticingly relevant—performance-enhancing changes for the new year.

The MSRP of $14,995 remains unchanged from 2022. Naturally, the bike retains BMW’s stalwart 1254cc, four-valve, air/liquid-cooled Boxer engine, which gives the machine its uniqueness in the realm of nakeds.

Emboldened by ShiftCam technology—which alters intake and valve timing lift for more power under acceleration—the roadster boasts 136 ponies at 7,750 rpm and 105 lb+ft of torque at 6,250 rpm to the pavement. Standard Dynamic Traction Control helps tame the output, smoothing out power delivery and providing optimum traction with enhanced stability for added safety.

2023 BMW R 1250 R | RoadRUNNER Magazine

Standard equipment for 2023 includes an anti-hop clutch, a steering stabilizer, Hill Start Control, cast aluminum wheels (spoke wheels optional), a rotary multi-controller, and partly integral ABS Pro, which adds additional safety while braking in corners. Further augmenting safety is Dynamic Brake Control, also standard, which prevents unintentional throttle activation on deceleration by reducing drive torque. In essence, it uses the engine as a braking element, helping to shorten stopping distance.

Joining the Rain and Road riding modes is the new Eco setting for economical riding. Eco mode delivers higher fuel efficiency by softening out the throttle curve and limiting torque.

The Eco mode’s efficiency can be tracked on the color TFT display. As a welcome feature, it can be easily overridden with a quick push of the ride mode button in situation that need a burst of power, like when overtaking.    

2023 BMW R 1250 R | RoadRUNNER Magazine

The roadster will have new LED turn indicators and headlamp, with an adaptive turning light as an option. To grant the bike a sporty solo dynamic, there’s an optional rear seat cover tastefully matched to the paint scheme.

The sport character can be further enhanced by removing the  passenger pegs for a more sleek look. For two-up. there’s optional seat heating for rider and passenger.

As always in the BMW canon, there are a host of add-ons, from the Premium Package (keyless ride, heated grips, a tire pressure monitor, a chrome-plated exhaust manifold, and cruise control), as well as Gear Shift Assist Pro, which allows for clutchless up- and downshifts without having to cut throttle.

2023 BMW R 1250 R | RoadRUNNER Magazine

The 2023 R 1250 R will be available in three striking color combinations. In addition to the standard Ice Gray with a black frame, you can get Style Sport, which is Racing Blue Metallic with a white frame augmented by gold calipers front and rear, a black handlebar, and a blue engine spoiler. There’s also the Triple Black variant, which combines Black Storm Metallic bodywork with an Agate Gray frame and a stainless steel radiator grille and engine spoiler.

A host of customizable options includes goodies such as anodized cylinder heads and mirrors, front engine cover, and oil filler plug, a sport handlebar, a windshield, a spoiler, and a low seat among other items.