2022 Indian Pursuit – The Most Capable Touring Machine?

2022 Indian Pursuit – The Most Capable Touring Machine

The next generation of American V-Twin touring performance is here with the launch of the Indian Pursuit. Featuring the liquid-cooled PowerPlus engine, seamless ride-enhancing technology, a chassis-mounted fairing, and loads of touring amenities, the 2022 Indian Pursuit stakes its claim as the most capable and refined American touring machine on the road.

2022 Indian Pursuit – The Most Capable Touring Machine

Packed with unparalleled comfort and performance, the Indian Pursuit was thoughtfully engineered for discerning riders who value the journey as much as the destination. Available in two models with two trim levels for each, riders can select from four total offerings to fit their personal style and riding preferences. Models include the Pursuit Dark Horse and Pursuit Limited – each available with a premium package that offers advanced ride-enhancing technology and additional comfort features.

“Touring bikes are one of the ultimate expressions of freedom – enabling unforgettable experiences through longer escapes and epic adventures on the open road,” said Mike Dougherty, President for Indian Motorcycle. “With Pursuit, we’ve expanded on the unparalleled sophistication of the PowerPlus motor to deliver a class-leading, fully-loaded touring machine that combines top-tier performance with unparalleled comfort and advanced tech features, delivering an American V-twin touring experience unlike any other.”

At the heart of each model is the Indian Motorcycle PowerPlus engine, a 108 cubic-inch, liquid-cooled V-twin that delivers a class-leading 122 horsepower and 128 ft-lbs. of torque. Each 2022 Pursuit model features a refined PowerPlus calibration, which improves low-speed drivability and further enhances the rider experience.

2022 Indian Pursuit – The Most Capable Touring Machine

Riders looking to take their journey to the next level can do so with the Indian Pursuit Dark Horse with Premium Package and Indian Pursuit Limited with Premium Package. Each model features an all-new electronically adjustable rear suspension preload from Fox®, which allows riders to adjust their preload for optimal comfort and handling under varying conditions. Whether riding solo, two-up or carrying more cargo – the electronically adjustable rear suspension preload is managed from the convenience of the bike’s infotainment system. The new electronic preload is standard on Premium package models and is also available as an accessory upgrade for standard Indian Pursuit Dark Horse, Indian Pursuit Limited, and all Indian Challenger models.

In addition, both premium models offer intuitive Smart Lean Technology, which keeps riders confidently grounded by utilizing a Bosch® IMU to add cornering control to the dynamic traction control and ABS. The two premium offerings also feature integrated driving lights within the lower fairings and a premium styled heated seat for improved comfort during cold weather.

To add power and custom-inspired styling to Indian Pursuit models, Indian Motorcycle offers several performance accessories. The PowerPlus Air Cleaner complements the bike with a deeper intake sound, while the PowerPlus Stage 2 Performance Cams deliver 10% more horsepower and 3% more torque.

Indian Pursuit riders looking to further personalize their ride can do so with two kit options for their Hard Lower Fairings, a set of Mitered Mid-Rise Handlebars, LED lighting options, and various soft luggage pieces. To further utilize the space within the Pursuit’s Hard Lower Fairings, riders can add additional storage compartments or integrate an Indian Motorcycle PowerBand Audio Kit. When fully upgraded with PowerBand Audio, riders will experience surround sound with four points, including front fairing, lower fairings, saddlebags and cargo trunk. The Indian Motorcycle Mitered Mid-Rise Handlebars not only add a stylish custom look, but also place the upper controls in a comfortable, elevated position. Riders can also add LED lighting for enhanced visibility, including an Adaptive LED Headlight option that automatically optimizes where light shines based on the bike’s lean angle. And finally, riders can choose from four versatile pieces in the Spirit Lake Luggage Collection for protected, organized gear that’s easy to attach and detach from the bike.

Pricing for the Indian Pursuit Dark Horse begins at $30,999 and $33,999 for the Pursuit Dark Horse with Premium Package. Paint options for both trims include, Black Smoke, Spirit Blue, Silver Quartz Smoke, and Ruby Metallic over Black Metallic.

2022 Indian Pursuit – The Most Capable Touring Machine

The Indian Pursuit Limited starts at $29,999, while the Pursuit Limited with Premium Package begins at $32,999. Paint options for both trims include, Black Metallic, Deepwater Metallic and Maroon Metallic over Crimson Metallic.

The 2022 Pursuit lineup will begin shipping to Indian Motorcycle dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada in early 2022.