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Shopping for a Used Motorcycle

Jun 23, 2016 View Comments by

Buying a used motorcycle intelligently requires considerably greater effort than just walking into a showroom and selecting a new one. There are both risks and rewards with a previously owned machine. You can get far more bang for your buck, while letting the original buyer take the big depreciation loss. A used motorcycle purchase can […]

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The Dads Trip

Jun 19, 2016 View Comments by

I don’t spend a lot of time with my dad. When I was a kid my dad was always very busy providing for our family, so spare time was rare. On top of that, our interests have always been very different. He is a classic man who likes to hunt and fish and play basketball […]

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The Joys of Camping: Packing Like Quigley

Jun 17, 2016 View Comments by

It’s funny how the mind files insignificant bits of information away, sometimes to be retrieved decades later for the strangest reason. I once watched a movie called Quigley Down Under, a Western set in Australia starring Tom Selleck as Matt Quigley. One scene shows Quigley packing for a trip into the Outback by assembling a few […]

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The Joys of Camping: Picking a Site, Sight Unseen

Jun 08, 2016 View Comments by

Lyrics of Foreigner’s “Feels Like the First Time” were bouncing around in my head, compliments of my cerebral sound system, as I rode south toward the Ohio/West Virginia border one evening in August, 1983. A fitting occasion for the song, I thought, as this was my first out-of-state motorcycle camping trip. My Friday evening ride […]

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Interview with Daniëlle Boelens of the Riding Reporters: Two Women Tackle South America

Jun 02, 2016 View Comments by

  Two Dutch journalists, Daniëlle Boelens and Irene Wouters, decided to undertake an epic adventure—to ride motorcycles across South America. Calling themselves the Riding Reporters, they’re reporting on and raising funds for five projects in six different South American countries. In the midst of this epic journey, Boelens took time to catch up with RoadRUNNER. […]

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Electric Powered Odyssey: From the United States to South America

May 31, 2016 View Comments by

Set against a backdrop of swaying Carolina pines, the motorcycle’s shiny red paint sticks out like a hitchhiker’s sore thumb. Brightly painted bikes like this one might be a common sight on paved urban avenues, but here on a dusty driveway in rural North Carolina, the appearance of a street bike is not an everyday […]

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Motorcycle Navigation: Using a Digital Atlas Instead of Getting GPS’d Off

May 27, 2016 View Comments by

Prologue I was hiking with my family in a New Jersey state forest, viewing a static image of the park’s map using my Android smartphone. It was contained in a PDF file that we downloaded by scanning a QR code that was printed on the entrance’s billboard. For digital technologists like me, these are good […]

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Ruin’d: The Olympic Peninsula—Hunting for Abandoned Military Bunkers

May 26, 2016 View Comments by

More than 300 vertical feet separated us from the Strait of Juan de Fuca. We were standing on a small tuft of grass five feet from the backside of an abandoned World War II bunker set high above one of Washington’s most important waterways. We’d been riding all day, searching spur roads for the ruins […]

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MotoMojo: Spark Plugs—What They Say About Your Engine

May 24, 2016 View Comments by

Spark plugs can provide invaluable information on the mechanics of your bike. After plugs are run for a while, the tips show the overall condition of the engine, including pistons, rings, valve guides and seals, carburetion or fuel injection, ignition, and spark advance. You can also diagnose a variety of conditions, including detonation, pre-ignition, overheating, […]

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MotoMojo: Motorcycle Traction Controls

May 16, 2016 View Comments by

Traction control systems (TCS) are making their way into more and more mainstream motorcycles as the cost comes down and manufacturers’ experience with it increases. The benefits of TCS apply across the spectrum of models, from MotoGP racers and sportbikes to cruisers, sport-touring, and adventure and dirt bikes. If you’ve ever highsided coming out of […]

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The Joys of Camping: Camp Cooking

May 13, 2016 View Comments by

Given the choice, we’d rather ride than cook, but people do not live by miles ridden alone. Face it, you have to partake of nourishment at some point. Over the years we’ve learned to keep most of our endeavors simple, which includes camp cooking. On some tours, we’ve been known to distill “cooking” to a […]

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Camping and Fishing Along Arizona’s Mogollon Rim

May 12, 2016 View Comments by

“The readiness is all.” Okay, Hamlet was thinking of something very different when he said that, but the quote is apt for anyone heading off on a motorcycle camping and fishing excursion. After one last perusal to ensure all the essentials are in place, I stow my encased rod on top of my gear and […]

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Sidetracked: Pack Mentality—Gear

May 09, 2016 View Comments by

“I Was Only Going a Mile” We see it all the time. A pretty young lady riding across campus on a scooter, a bare-headed youth ripping through rush-hour traffic on a sportbike, T-shirt billowing over bare skin, or a middle-aged man, commuting to work on his cruiser. They are dressed for the gym, work, or […]

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The Joys of Camping : Basic Equipment Needs

May 07, 2016 View Comments by

With limited space available, motorcyclists who camp when touring must be very selective in choosing gear. Compact and lightweight are the concepts to keep in mind. In addition to a good quality tent (covered in May ’10, “Tents for Staying Warm, Dry, and Bug-Free”), there are four additional items you’ll need: a sleeping bag, sleeping […]

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Zen Motorcyclist: To Feel Normal Again

May 03, 2016 View Comments by

“I believe that half the trouble in the world comes from people asking ‘What have I achieved?’ rather than ‘What have I enjoyed?’” Walter Farley, author of The Black Stallion I’ve always loved movies with first-person narration, one character telling a story and his thoughts about the events. I’ve quoted The Shawshank Redemption before and […]

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