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Why Take a Guided Motorcycle Tour vs DIY?

Jan 18, 2016 View Comments by

We came across this info from MotoQuest, one of the best motorcycle tour operators in the biz. We couldn’t agree more with Phil, so here’s some info for you to consider over the weekend and as you plan your next adventure.   You’ve probably wondered “Why Take a MotoQuest Tour Instead of DIY?” Well let […]

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Evolving by Way of Motorcycle

Jan 07, 2016 View Comments by

Coolness Is in the Eye of the Beholder I was buzzing around town a while back on my little Honda 350 K5 when something started “blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind.” The sign said: Library Book Sale. Suddenly, a strange force took control of the motorcycle and before I could resist, I had pulled […]

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Yamaha Champions Riding School

Jan 06, 2016 View Comments by

Taking It to the Track Rush hour is kicking in, turning the Garden State Parkway into a parking lot. Unbothered by the impeding delay, I’m going over my mental checklist. Gloves? Check. Back protector? Check. Boots? Check. Helmet? Bringing two. Leathers? My worn-in
 two-piece suit and new
 Alpinestars one-piece—my 
Yamaha Champions Riding School (YCRS) adventure […]

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The Billy Joel Collection: The Piano Man’s Toy Box

Jan 04, 2016 View Comments by

It’s Sunday morning and my wife, Karen, and I are driving back to D.C. from a weekend on Long Island. Being in a New York State of Mind, we take a slight detour off of the Long Island Expressway and motor through the charming seaside burg of Oyster Bay, NY. I had read about an […]

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Motorcycle Armor – Gladiator Gear for the Road

Jan 02, 2016 View Comments by

The evolution of motorcycle crash protection has been a slow process with over a century separating those first leather jackets and helmets from the high-tech headgear and armor protection we enjoy today. Several companies have risen to the forefront of the rider protection industry, but first let’s take a moment to talk about CE ratings. […]

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Road Rash: The Thangs Yew Larn

Dec 31, 2015 View Comments by

While working on a construction site years ago, one guy in particular had a habit of muttering the phrase “The Thangs Yew Larn” in typical Appalachian hill country drawl every time someone had a minor accident such as shooting a spike through their hand with a nail gun. In any case, the words somehow stuck […]

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1983 Suzuki Katana Custom

Dec 12, 2015 View Comments by

Wild Kats – Fans of the long-running TV 
sci-fi series Stargate SG-1 and 
the movie The Fantastic Four
 will likely have seen Rob Wilton on their screens without
 realizing it. You’re not usually supposed to recognize him. Rob is a stunt coordinator and stunt performer with a long list of credits in the movie and […]

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Road Rash: Expanding Gear

Dec 11, 2015 View Comments by

Over the years, I’ve noticed a pattern of occurrences that seem to defy the laws of physics. Several of these situations happen so consistently that I’m convinced they’re an absolute truth. The general rules regarding probability simply don’t apply to my motorcycling-related activities, and the following is a partial list of the most perplexing circumstances. […]

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Adventure Riding – What’s it To YOU?

Dec 08, 2015 View Comments by

Adventure: A bold, unusually risky undertaking or hazardous action of uncertain outcome. “Where’s Kurt?” I ask, as Disco pulls his bike up beside mine. “I passed him a couple miles back. He won’t be riding that KTM out anytime soon. His rear wheel spun clean off the hub.” This is supposed to be a 50-mile […]

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Superbike-Coach! Keeping Your Skills on Track

Dec 07, 2015 View Comments by

I take riding seriously. I maintain my motorcycle: tires inflated, chain lubricated—check. I wear protective riding gear: armored jacket, leather boots—check. I believe in rider training: I have a coach—check. Wait—a coach? While proper motorcycle upkeep and safe riding gear are essential, refining skills is often overlooked. My mechanic has my motorcycle covered, and“Coach” Akkaya […]

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1954 MV Agusta 175 CS Disco Volante

Dec 06, 2015 View Comments by

The Peter Calles Collection Peter Calles, a noted international collector of classic motorcycles, recently finished a full restoration of this rare 1957 MV Agusta motorcycle. The saga behind the MV Agusta marque, however, begins on February 12, 1945 when the company was founded. Prior to that time the Agusta family’s primary enterprise was aviation, but […]

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Behind the Scenes: The Making of a Tour Article

Dec 02, 2015 View Comments by

In my experience, most memorable adventures start with either a bang on the head, a tap on the shoulder, or an unplanned detour during an otherwise well planned ride. I have already banged my head yesterday night on the cover of my trailer. Now comes a tap on my shoulder, and this is Christa Neuhauser […]

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Road Rash: The Procedure

Nov 17, 2015 View Comments by

A Humorous Look When Things are Less than Perfect – Being the center of attention is great when you want it, but it can wear thin very quickly when you don’t. Sharon and I had exited the restaurant about the same time as a dozen or so members of the H.O.A.R. (hop on and ride, […]

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Road Rash: Apparelized

Nov 10, 2015 View Comments by

Motorcycle Gear Problems – Surrounded by a dozen pairs of discarded riding pants in the fitting room of one of the country’s largest motorcycle superstores, I reluctantly admitted defeat and pulled my jeans back on. I’d tried on every small pant that the store had to offer in both men’s and women’s, and they were […]

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Road Rash: Waste Not, Want Not

Nov 03, 2015 View Comments by

Who Needs a Clean Garage? – Like most people, I periodically take inventory of my possessions and do a house cleaning of sorts, usually while in the throes of the winter doldrums. Things that have gone unnoticed for months suddenly grab me by the lapels and scream, “Do something about this!” The sagging garage shelves, […]

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