Alpinestars Jet Road GORE-TEX Gloves

Aug 16, 2013 View Comments by

When it comes to thick, waterproof, cold-weather gloves, you have to be careful not to judge the book by its cover. A pair of gloves may look warm and waterproof in the store (or online), but a hundred miles down the road in January its true colors will come out. So let’s get this out […]

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Dumb & Dumber

Apr 16, 2013 View Comments by

Yep, dat’s me all right! Only someone at least half brain dead would try to get five years out of a storage tent designed for two. Pressed, I can come up with several likely excuses: Winter came on too soon to put up a new metal structure; I was just too lazy to tackle the […]

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Alpinestars Overland Drystar Gloves

Mar 29, 2013 View Comments by

Winter gloves are usually a compromise between warmth and feel, and it’s often the attention to detail that helps strike the right balance. The Alpinestars Overland Drystar gloves incorporate many of the features that their racing-oriented gloves are known for—full gauntlets, knuckle protectors, pre-curved fit, and a “finger bridge” connecting the pinky and ring fingers […]

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Winter Already?

Dec 02, 2012 View Comments by

The time between the end of summer and the beginning of winter is usually my favorite time of the year to ride. It’s cool enough to wear full gear and not cold enough yet to shorten my rides. It seems like I just wrote The First Ride of Autumn (October 3, 2012) and here it […]

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