Rider Safety: See and be Seen

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Every time I attend a big motorcycle event in Arizona, I seem to cross paths with Bill Seltzer of TEAM Arizona (www.motorcycletraining.com). It’s not a coincidence. The premier motorcyclist training organization in Arizona is a fixture wherever motorcyclists congregate, and Seltzer is the “voice” of the organization. As a concerned motorcyclist and writer, I gravitate […]

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I’ve always been attracted to bikes with less than universal public appeal and appreciation for some reason. How many people do you know who seriously considered purchasing a Cagiva Elefant? I rest my case. I didn’t buy the Cagiva, mainly due to the bike’s seat height and the uncertainty of maintenance issues, but I came […]

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Touring Tip: The Motorcycle Vision Thing

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A “visionary” is someone who has the ability to evaluate current information, use it to project likely developments in the future, and take effective action today to manage future events and avoid having those events manage them. Former President George H.W. Bush famously referred to this ability as the “Vision Thing.” And the Vision Thing […]

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