Project Rushmore: Harley-Davidson Embraces Liquid Cooling

Aug 20, 2013 View Comments by

Okay, that might be a bit of an overstatement, yet not even two weeks after Indian finally unveiled its new Chief line up, Harley-Davidson has come out with a major announcement of its own (coincidence?). Code-named Project Rushmore, Harley-Davidson has announced sweeping updates to its 2014 touring lineup. Headlining these improvements is the new “Twin-Cooled” […]

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First Annual Trike Only Ride at Sturgis

Jul 25, 2013 View Comments by

If you’re heading to Sturgis on three wheels, you’re in luck. For the first time ever there will be a trike only ride at Sturgis. The ride, which is being organized by Roadsmith Trikes and the Sturgis Buffalo Chip, will be the first annual T.O.U.R. (Trike Owners United Ride). The ride will take place on […]

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Lehman Trikes Gold Wing F6B Trike

Jul 10, 2013 View Comments by

We all knew it was coming, even if you didn’t give it a moment’s thought, you knew. With the addition of the F6B, Honda has not only created a worthy alternative to its stalwart touring machine, they’ve created another great trike platform. Judging from observations from rallies and the road, the Honda Gold Wing is […]

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Motorcycle or Convertible?

Jun 14, 2013 View Comments by

Really? Yes, really. The first time I heard this comment I thought it was just a fluke, an odd thought. But then it kept coming … more “riders” thinking of trading their two wheels for four. In fairness, these were mostly older riders; those for whom two-wheeling was no longer comfortable or even safe. In […]

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Don’t Compare a Trike to a Two-wheeler

Jun 14, 2012 View Comments by

You know the saying, “You can’t compare apples to oranges.” The same is true of trikes and bikes; they may, in many cases, start life the same, but it’s where they end up that counts. I started out, like most of us here, on a two-wheeler, and still ride one today. But a few issues […]

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I Bought the Wrong Bike

May 22, 2012 View Comments by

Yep, I screwed up, and not a cheap screw-up, this one cost me $8,000 for a bike I loved to look at but was afraid to ride and own. Me, afraid? I, who have ridden every kind and size of machine known to man, afraid? Yes. The shame of it—but yes. It all started a […]

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Harley-Davidson Spins Its Own Spider Web

Feb 29, 2012 View Comments by

H-D has applied for a patent for a new motorcycle design, in essence a “Leaning Trike,” similar in appearance to the Can-Am Spider with front-mounted dual wheels. The patent #20070075517, Kind Code A1, was applied for on April 5, 2007. From the application abstract: “A vehicle including a frame, left and right wheels, and a […]

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