Tour of the Week: Pennsylvania Steam

Sep 18, 2015 View Comments by

A Trip Down the Tracks – Each week RoadRUNNER Magazine is releasing a “Tour of the Week” from our extensive archives. The tour article, along with downloadable maps and GPS files, will be available for free, but only for a week! This week’s Pennsylvania Steam Tour comes from the Jul/Aug 2011 issue.

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When the Destination is a Journey: Riding to the Rails

Mar 16, 2015 View Comments by

Yes, the title is a flip on the motorcycling truism, “It’s the journey not the destination.” However, if you’re like me, you want the time spent off the bike to hold some adventure as well. Punctuating a day’s ride with an intriguing endgame is part of planning a memorable tour. I recently took a ride […]

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Touring Tip: Getting Your Body Ready To Tour

Feb 25, 2015 View Comments by

Much has been written and said about preparing a rider’s motorcycle for a new touring season, but relatively little is ever said about preparing a rider’s body for long motorcycle rides. As all serious riders know, it takes much more mental focus and physical stamina to ride a motorcycle all day long than it does […]

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