Touring Tip: Riding in Fog

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How to Stay Safe in Murky Weather— Riding in fog—especially when it’s combined with rain and darkness—heightens a number of risk factors that prudent motorcyclists usually seek to avoid: Rider visibility of potential hazards, both ahead and from behind (like being rear-ended by a faster moving vehicle) is severely restricted. Accumulation of moisture on face […]

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Touring Tip: Five Common Sources of Motorcycle Accidents and Strategies for Avoiding Them

Aug 05, 2016 View Comments by

Oncoming, Left-turning Vehicle: This is probably the most common cause of motorcycle accidents. The driver of an oncoming vehicle doesn’t see a motorcyclist and makes a quick left turn directly in the rider’s path. Avoidance Strategy: First, it’s always helpful for riders and their mounts to be as conspicuous as possible, which is aided by […]

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