Rider to Driver II

Jan 27, 2013 View Comments by

Back in June of 2012 I wrote Rider to Driver , which made the case that riders and drivers can share the road with each other if we act on a case-by-case basis and don’t label a group based on the irresponsible or reckless behavior of a small percentage of that group. This morning I had an […]

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The Road Often Traveled: Tips & Tricks – Part 3

Jul 18, 2012 View Comments by

I posted Tips & Tricks Part 1 in March and Tips & Tricks Part 2 in May. Here is another installment with a few more observations that occurred to me lately on my daily commute. Be Wary of Gaps Here in Pennsylvania, it’s still legal to use a cell phone while driving. There is a ban on texting but […]

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Frustrating Four Wheelers

Mar 27, 2012 View Comments by

They say that truckers have seen it all from their perch high above the maddening crowd. They look directly into the inner sanctum of Johnny Four-wheels, and see things that would astound mere mortals. Come to think of it, we two-wheelers are also in the “high chair” with a lot less sheet metal and glass […]

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