Tour of the Week: Gainesville, Florida Shamrock Tour®

Oct 02, 2014 View Comments by

Each week RoadRUNNER Magazine will be releasing a “Tour of the Week” from our extensive archives. The tour article, along with downloadable maps and GPS files, will be available for free, but only for a week! This week’s Gainesville, FL Shamrock Tour comes from RoadRUNNER‘s July 2008 issue.

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Touring Tip: Traveling Light

Jul 06, 2012 View Comments by

Touring motorcyclists can learn a lot from the traveling light strategies employed by backpackers. When a hiker has to carry everything he or she will need for several days, every ounce of gear and clothing carried becomes important. Because necessity is often the mother of invention, backpackers take only what they absolutely will need and […]

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Aprilia Tankbag and Side Cases and Racks

Apr 08, 2012 View Comments by

I wanted a light, comfortable, nimble, sporty, and fun motorcycle, and after a well-researched decision found myself on top of an Aprilia Dorsoduro 750. One of the first upgrades I made to make it more touring-friendly was the addition of a tankbag and side cases. Luckily, Aprilia created a luggage system specifically for the Dorsoduro. […]

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Bags-Connection City quick-lock tankbag

Aug 02, 2011 View Comments by

We have seen just about every type of tankbag pass through our office, and we have used them on tours. Quick-lock tankbags have made life easier for many motorcyclists, including us. The main reason we had not tried them before is we use the same tankbag on multiple bikes, so versatility is key. When we […]

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