Review: Stylmartin Women’s Continental Boots

Apr 30, 2017 View Comments by

Stylmartin’s Continental boots have a tough, vintage vibe. On more than one occasion, women stopped me in public to ask where they could buy a pair. Looks won’t save you in the end, but they don’t hurt. I wore these boots in early winter for street and dual-sport riding. Made of water-repellent Nappa calfskin leather […]

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Review: Stylmartin Indian Boots

Jun 04, 2014 View Comments by

Yes, I’ll admit it; these are my favorite motorcycle boots yet. And in order to attain that status they’ve had to live up to a lot. For a while now I’ve been looking for a pair of touring boots that provide meaningful protection and all day comfort while looking good. Waterproof would be nice too. […]

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