Something Beautiful

Sep 23, 2012 View Comments by

There’s a song by the band Needtobreathe, actually it’s my riding playlist tune of the week, called Something Beautiful. The video is quite remarkable. It’s 3 minutes and 47 seconds of smiles, inspiration, and joy. I’ll take that. There are so few places those things are encouraged these days, which is one reason I love […]

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Ah, Fall

Sep 20, 2012 View Comments by

One of the blessings of living in the Midwest is the four seasons—each “change” a special gift for the avid rider, except, of course, winter. I suppose a case could be made that without winter we would not appreciate spring as much, but I’m not sold on the idea. But fall, now we’re talking: cool […]

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Riding Sober and Legal Responsibilities

Sep 14, 2012 View Comments by

In previous articles, I’ve talked about the dangers of riding after consuming alcohol. Not only does it put your life and the lives of others in jeopardy, but it also can bury you in a legal mess if you cause an accident while under the influence. Do you know the legal issues you could face […]

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The Best of Both

Sep 11, 2012 View Comments by

Have you ever had one of those “perfect” days on a bike…one that you’ll remember for years? My wife Sharon and I had one last weekend when we joined some friends, John and Martha, for a mix of possibly the best dirt and paved roads that Ohio has to offer. We started things off by […]

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Man and Machine

Aug 12, 2012 View Comments by

It occurred to me today that, at 47 and with a back condition that flares up on occasion, there are a lot of things I’ll most likely not be able to do that I’d always imagined doing one day. I was always a competitive athlete, and as I got older my focus went from competitive […]

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Get Lost!

Aug 03, 2012 View Comments by

Sometimes the best road is the one yet to be discovered, the wrong turn, or the road with the most interesting name. All these have in common is that we didn’t “plan” on going there. These can be the unlined roads; no white or yellow lines, the ones not on your map,  or roads the […]

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Pocket Watches and Monsters

Jul 29, 2012 View Comments by

When I was 10 my brother, our friends, and I would ride our bikes to Bob Milheims General Store. Behind the counter on the shelves they kept all the things we couldn’t afford but wanted so badly. My particular obsession was with a silver pocket watch. We must have made that ride a hundred times. […]

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Self Reliance

Jun 20, 2012 View Comments by

I’m holed up in a Dunkin Donuts sipping coffee; I got caught in a sudden downpour on my way home after a long day. It looks like it’ll pass and I can be on my way, but it’s got me thinking about how much we, as riders, need to be prepared for any eventuality. Sometimes […]

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If I’m Right, Smile

Jun 17, 2012 View Comments by

“If I’m right, smile.” That was my father’s catch phrase. No one could resist it; he said it to me, to my siblings, my daughter, waitresses, and anyone else he liked or wanted to win over. It was his way to disarm people and get them to smile, even when they may not have agreed […]

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