Review: Aerostich Darien Light Pants

Jan 15, 2014 View Comments by

This is the second pair of Aerostich Darien Light Pants that I’ve had. The first set was purchased at the end of the last century (or thereabouts) and withstood well over a decade of regular use. They were (and are) great pants to wear over a pair of slacks, and they’re cut quite conservatively. From […]

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Icon Patrol Waterproof Jacket and Overpants

Dec 19, 2012 View Comments by

Living in the North-East means that every riding day has to be cherished as the riding season is shortened by the cold temperatures from mid fall to late spring. The daring are willing to take on the frigid weather in order to elongate the riding season by another few weekends. For many of us, the […]

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