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I’ve always been attracted to bikes with less than universal public appeal and appreciation for some reason. How many people do you know who seriously considered purchasing a Cagiva Elefant? I rest my case. I didn’t buy the Cagiva, mainly due to the bike’s seat height and the uncertainty of maintenance issues, but I came […]

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Interview with Jamie Hyneman from Mythbusters: The Long Version

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Editor’s note: This interview was featured in the Nov/Dec ’13 issue of RoadRUNNER. To make the text fit within the space constraints of the magazine we had to cut it down quite a bit. Here is the full-length text from the interview. Jamie Hyneman is the epitome of a modern day Renaissance man. His list […]

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A couple of years ago, my wife and I rolled up to a small town donut shop for an afternoon coffee break. Before we got the chance to order, the proprietor of the shop asked us what we were riding, and I replied that we were on a Suzuki V-Strom. The next ran-together string of […]

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Love at First Bike

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What was the first bike you really fell in love with? You know, the one that managed to find that mystical mix of form, function, and foibles and work its way into your heart. For many people, this happened with their first motorcycle, and it’s no surprise since they didn’t have anything to compare it […]

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Motorcycle or Convertible?

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Really? Yes, really. The first time I heard this comment I thought it was just a fluke, an odd thought. But then it kept coming … more “riders” thinking of trading their two wheels for four. In fairness, these were mostly older riders; those for whom two-wheeling was no longer comfortable or even safe. In […]

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Beater Bikes

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Temperatures climbed into the low forties last weekend, not ideal but sufficient for a ride with the assistance of some heated gloves. I headed straight for one of my favorite destinations, Roscoe Village in Coshocton, OH, for a stop at the local coffee house. The trip isn’t much of a ride on pavement, but I […]

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John Longo, the Motorcycle Seat Doctor

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OEM seats are often cheaply made and can become uncomfortable during a long day in the saddle. This shortcoming in meeting touring riders’ needs has created a robust aftermarket for motorcycle seat makers. I’ve owned some of them and they usually are better-designed, made from higher-quality materials, and provide more long-distance comfort than an OEM […]

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Buyers’ Guide: Custom Seats

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Except for a few plush touring models, it seems like little effort goes into designing motorcycle saddles for all-day comfort. Although they look great in the showroom and allow inseam-challenged riders to feel the security of touching the ground, most standard equipment leaves the distance rider to discover “the agony of ‘da seat!” Pressure points, […]

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Aprilia Announces New Caponord 1200

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The newest offering from the Noale, Italy based company is blessed with enough acronyms to make any bureaucrat jealous. It comes standard with Ride by Wire (RbW), ABS, and Aprilia Traction Control (ATC), and can be equipped with Aprilia Dynamic Damping (ADD) and CC. Other acronyms that may be associated with the new bike include, […]

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Honda Releases 2013 Models

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Honda is at it again. The Japanese brand has a long history of shaking up the motorcycle establishment with innovative, and at times, game changing motorcycles. (Anyone remember the CB750?) It looks like this will be another milestone year for the company as they announce the release of no fewer than six new models for […]

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2013 Yamaha FZ8 & 2013 Yamaha FJR1300A

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Yamaha’s liquid-cooled, 16-valve, inline-four, 779cc FZ8, which was brought to the U.S. market for 2011, filled the gap between the 600cc and 1,000cc range. It looks very much like its 998cc big brother, the FZ1, sans fairing, and is praised for its upright seating position, lots of torque in low- to midrange-rpm, and top-notch cornering […]

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Wicked Quick

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I enjoy a good handful of horsepower as much as the next guy, and don’t see any great harm in partaking of it occasionally, so long as it’s done in a responsible manner. My list of “quick ones” is fairly short, but it includes some heavy hitters: a 1981 Honda CB900F Super Sport, a 1986 […]

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Something Beautiful

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There’s a song by the band Needtobreathe, actually it’s my riding playlist tune of the week, called Something Beautiful. The video is quite remarkable. It’s 3 minutes and 47 seconds of smiles, inspiration, and joy. I’ll take that. There are so few places those things are encouraged these days, which is one reason I love […]

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Our First Motorcycle Adventure: South America, Day 1

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My friend Romain and I are two New Yorkers who grew up in France. In June of 2011, after seeing the “Long Way Round”, we thought it would be amazing to have an adventure like that and it looked like riding bikes would be great fun. Patagonia came up as a place we both wanted to explore […]

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Destinations: Motorcyclepedia Museum

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This museum has one of the largest vintage and antique motorcycle collections on display in America: 89,000 sq. feet of museum space Over 450 motorcycles Rare antique motorcycles such as a circa 1897 DeDion Bikes date from 1897 to present Military, police, and Harley-Davidson galleries One of the most extensive collections of Indian Motorcycles in […]

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