Harley-Davidson Receives $25-Million Tax Incentive

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Recently Harley-Davidson union workers voted to accept a number of concessions that will allow them to keep their jobs in the state of Wisconsin. Additionally, the state committed to giving Harley-Davidson, Inc. $25 million in tax credits to encourage The Motor Company to retain jobs at its Wisconsin factories. The Commerce Dept. promised credits over […]

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Midland Radio BT-2 D Wireless Intercom

Jan 25, 2011 View Comments by

We’ve tested Bluetooth intercom systems in the past, so with each new product, our expectations unsurprisingly rise. Midland Radio’s BT-2 D wireless intercom doesn’t disappoint. User-friendly buttons and button logic, along with an easy to follow instruction manual, make installation a cinch. Each unit includes two ready-to-charge-and-use devices that also function independently from each other. […]

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Motorcycle Crash Study

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In 1981, the last major study of causes of motorcycle crashes was issued, “Motorcycle Accident Cause Factors and Identification of Countermeasures” — more commonly known as the “Hurt Report,” after lead researcher, Harry Hurt of USC. Now the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is managing a $3-million, four-year study at the Oklahoma Transportation Center, at Oklahoma […]

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The 2010 Motorcycle Cannonball Run…to Finish Is to Win!

Jan 23, 2011 View Comments by

A coast-to-coast motorcycle ride is a big undertaking on any type of motorcycle, but especially so if the bike is more than 95 years old! Forty-five rugged, adventurous motorcyclists took on just such a challenge last autumn and lived to tell about it. The namesake for this run belongs to Erwin “Cannonball” Baker, who became […]

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Dainese Hilton Head Jacket & Shield Air G2 Back Protector

Jan 22, 2011 View Comments by

To help keep riders dry, the Dainese Hilton Head Jacket features a waterproof breathable GORE-TEX® membrane with water-resistant fabric on the outside. The removable down thermal liner provides additional warmth for rides on those cold blustery days. The front-fastening system uses a double-zipper design to keep moisture outside of the jacket. When I tested this […]

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Forcefield Performance Body Armor

Jan 21, 2011 View Comments by

Let’s face it, while nobody plans to crash, we do need to plan for the possibility, to avoid serious injury, or worse. Body armor isn’t just for racers and motocrossers. Every motorcyclist should consider riding with a back protector of some sort. Generally, the one that comes with the jacket isn’t good enough, but it’s […]

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2011 FIRSTGEAR® Men’s Teton Jacket, Mesh-Tex Pants and Women’s Monarch Jacket

Jan 20, 2011 View Comments by

Take a motorcycle tour where you have to fly to your starting point and you’ll realize how bulky motorcycle safety apparel is. Enter FIRSTGEAR with the Teton jacket for men and the Monarch jacket for women – the first jackets to use the innovative D3O padding. Pliable under most circumstances, the D3O padding, which is […]

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Buyers’ Guide – Rain Gear

Jan 17, 2011 View Comments by

Although few riders plan on riding in the rain, it’s inevitable at some point. When the sky opens, the quality of the rain gear can make all the difference between staying comfortable and having a miserable ride. Perhaps it’s stating the obvious, but good rain gear needs to be waterproof all around to keep you […]

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Xtreme Charge 12v Battery Charger

Jan 16, 2011 View Comments by

There’s a simple way to avoid a dead battery in the spring when you break out the bike for the first time: the Xtreme Battery Charger works on every type of 12-volt lead-acid battery. And it has a five-stage charging process that automatically determines the charge rate, so you don’t have to be an expert […]

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IonGear Battery Powered Heating Vest

Jan 14, 2011 View Comments by

With all the available options for heated gear, dropping temperatures don’t have to inhibit your riding. The battery-powered IonGear heated vest is a great way to combat Mother Nature when she sends her cold breath your way. Put this vest on, crank up the heat, and go – durable, water-resistant exterior and soft fleece interior […]

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Chain and Sprocket Service

Jan 10, 2011 View Comments by

Chains are simple and effective, but need regular maintenance. A neglected chain may severely damage the engine case, or wrap up in the wheel and sprocket, locking the rear wheel. The two major types of chain designs are O-ring chains and non-O-ring chains. O-ring chains employ rubber O-rings between their side plates to retain lubricants. […]

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Ergonomics Meets Economics – Sport-touring Makeover

Jan 08, 2011 View Comments by

In our prior installment, we confronted the dilemma of big motorcycle dreams and little motorcycle budget. Sure, we’d all love to have a brand new sport-touring rig in the garage, but with today’s economic realities, the tried and true (and paid for) machine you have now just may be packed with hidden travel potential. Our […]

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