Of Motorcycles and Automobiles

Aug 01, 2013 View Comments by

If more motorcycle companies made cars, what would they be like? The KTM X-Bow is a very unique vehicle, and it strikes me as a good reflection of KTM as a company. That got me thinking, what if other motorcycle companies made cars, what kind of cars would they be? Okay, obviously let’s leave BMW, […]

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Lehman Trikes Gold Wing F6B Trike

Jul 10, 2013 View Comments by

We all knew it was coming, even if you didn’t give it a moment’s thought, you knew. With the addition of the F6B, Honda has not only created a worthy alternative to its stalwart touring machine, they’ve created another great trike platform. Judging from observations from rallies and the road, the Honda Gold Wing is […]

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2014 Honda CTX Models

Feb 14, 2013 View Comments by

With another week comes another new model from Big Red, or so it’s starting to seem. This weekend’s announcement of the new CTX product line at the International Motorcycle Show in Chicago marks the sixth (and technically seventh) all new motorcycle the company has rolled out this year. CTX stands for Comfort, Technology, and eXperience […]

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Cruiseman’s Garage Goldwing Basics DVD

Dec 29, 2012 View Comments by

As important as motorcycle maintenance is, over time the costs can certainly add up. With most shops charging anywhere from $60-$100 an hour for labor, doing the work yourself is a great way to save some money. But what if you happen to think lefty-loosey righty-tighty is a dance move from the 80s? Well, if […]

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Honda Releases 2013 Models

Nov 12, 2012 View Comments by

Honda is at it again. The Japanese brand has a long history of shaking up the motorcycle establishment with innovative, and at times, game changing motorcycles. (Anyone remember the CB750?) It looks like this will be another milestone year for the company as they announce the release of no fewer than six new models for […]

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Streetfighter vs. Street Fighter

Jul 07, 2012 View Comments by

Having Honda’s 2012 CB 1000 R around the RoadRUNNER offices has been a hoot. Designed after the urban streetfighter machines, this factory-built bruiser has been a true joy to flog both around town and on backroads. In recent years, streetfighters have come into their own as home built, or more accurately, “recreated” machines that have […]

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Finally, I Bought The Right Bike

Jun 07, 2012 View Comments by

It’s taken awhile, and a lot of test rides, but as the saying goes, “You have to kiss a lot of frogs . . . ” As you may know, I had to bail out of my previous bike, an HD 2000 Springer, because it was way too heavy for me at 800+ lbs. I […]

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Welcome Home Mister MR

Mar 03, 2012 View Comments by

A while back, my stepfather Bill Miles, decided that his 1976 Honda MR 250 Elsinore needed a new home. He knew that my propensity to take in wayward bikes and nearly steadfast refusal to get rid of anything would keep his baby “in the family”. The following weekend, I returned to North Carolina with a […]

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