Dream Ride: Joshua Tree National Park

Mar 23, 2014 View Comments by

I’ll admit it; I’d wanted to visit Joshua Tree National Park for years, mostly because of a certain album by a band named U2. The iconic black and white photograph of a single Joshua Tree in the album’s artwork has always moved me. Though that particular tree fell sometime around the turn of the millennium […]

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Return to the Great Wide Open

Mar 02, 2014 View Comments by

I don’t need to tell anyone that most of the U.S. has been experiencing one long, cold, and snowy winter. Shortly after the holidays were over, Kris and I started looking for an escape. Having had a great time on our first trip to Big Bend (see the April 2014 issue of RoadRUNNER), we decided […]

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Inaugural Wickenburg Desert Ride to Benefit BDR

Dec 16, 2013 View Comments by

If you’ve been reading RoadRUNNER for a while chances are you’re already somewhat familiar with the Back Country Discovery Routes project. If you’re not, the BDR is a non-profit organization working to create and protect off-road routes for dual sport and adventure riding. Their modus operandi is to scout out state crossing off-road rides and […]

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Lake Turkana

Oct 28, 2013 View Comments by

As Nick and I crest hill after hill, we wonder how much further we should go for the day. It’s getting late, but we’re really hoping to get to the lake to camp. We have been driving through desert for the last three days, so camping next to some water would be a treat. Finally, […]

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City Escape: Phoenix, AZ

Aug 10, 2013 View Comments by

You’ll experience a diverse loop that includes a high desert lake and historic mining towns. This route is rideable virtually all year.  

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Ride the Divide – Day 12: Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads

Aug 07, 2013 View Comments by

Crossing the northern New Mexico desert in August you might expect to encounter sand, rocks, and heat. Add to that; mud, ruts, sinkholes, and silt filled riverbeds and it makes for an interesting ride. Today’s 100 plus mile enterprise involved avoiding the road nearly as much as it did favoring it. Heavy rains in the […]

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Ride the Divide – Day 6: Where the Cows and the Antelope Play or, Say Hello to My Little Friend

Aug 01, 2013 View Comments by

A 200-mile trek across Wyoming’s high desert may not be for everyone, but it had me excited as we headed out this morning. Along the way we enjoyed some of the best dirt roads thus far and held on while bouncing down some of the worst. In spite of the severe abuse our bikes (and […]

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The Cross Egypt Scooter Challenge

May 18, 2013 View Comments by

Looking for something to do this November as, for must of us in the U.S. at least, the riding season is coming to a close? How about riding a scooter from one end of Egypt to the other? The Cross Egypt Challenge is an annual (since 2011 at least) scooter ride spanning 2400km from Alexandria […]

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AltRider’s Taste of Dakar

Feb 16, 2013 View Comments by

Competing in the Dakar will, for most of us, remain a dream for another life. Racing the Dakar requires not only lots of skill and support, but also tens of thousands of dollars and an approved application from the mysterious and secretive selection committee in Paris. Thankfully, though the actual Dakar may be out of […]

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