BearTek Bluetooth Moto Gloves

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What will they think of next? With the recent proliferation of Bluetooth audio and communication systems, Willie Blount Jr., BearTek’s founder, had an idea. The idea turned into a Kickstarter campaign, which then became a product and a company. So, what is that product? It’s a Bluetooth-enabled glove capable of controlling your phone, or other […]

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UCLEAR HBC 100 MOTO Helmet Communicator

Aug 21, 2012 View Comments by

When I first took the UCLEAR HBC 100 Helmet Communicator out of its package, I was bracing myself for a complicated and frustrating installation. Ten minutes later, I was wearing my helmet and listening to music. It shouldn’t have even taken me that long. In preparation for my envisioned battle, I began taking out the […]

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