(Too) Close to Nature

Oct 22, 2010 View Comments by

One of the benefits of camping, on a motorcycle or otherwise, is the opportunity to get a bit more up close and personal than usual with nature. While this is usually a good thing, sometimes it backfires and leads to some interesting encounters. On what I  believe was my first motorcycle camping trip, which was […]

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Be Prepared

Sep 25, 2010 View Comments by

As a Boy Scout several years (make that decades) ago, we were told to always be prepared. They never told us exactly what to be prepared for, but I figured that a pocketknife, spare pair of underwear, and snake bite kit should about cover it. A recent hornet attack while motorcycle camping brought the whole […]

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Fall Camping Destinations

Aug 23, 2010 View Comments by

Although the sweltering summer heat wave has abated only days ago, the first cool evenings serve as a reminder that Old Man Winter is standing in the shadows, eyeing much of the country like a thug in a dark alley. Fall is a bittersweet time for me, as I’m torn between the pressing yard work […]

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Awakening from Hibernation

Feb 23, 2010 View Comments by

With fall yard work, the holidays, and year-end business paperwork out of the way, I’m starting to plan a few trips for the coming season. I’m also looking forward to  trying out some new luggage mounted on the KLR™650 that I got late last summer. It has an oversized luggage rack on it that should […]

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