RadarNow! Answers the Eternal Question, “Should I Put on the Rain Gear?”

Jul 09, 2014 View Comments by

While I like the visual drama of an approaching summer thunderstorm as much as the next guy, I hate getting caught up in one. Even worse than that is the thirty miles of, “Should I put the rain gear on or shouldn’t I?” which is often followed by, “Oh my heavens it’s like a sauna in […]

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Field Tested – Apple iPad 2

Apr 16, 2012 View Comments by

I recently took my Apple iPad 2 on its first roadtrip into the Pennsylvania Wilds, replacing the HP netbook that I had used for emails, web surfing, trip notes, GPS map holder, and picture holder. How’d it do? Email Getter: B The built in email app is very nice and works with most common email […]

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