2010 RoadRUNNER Rocky Mountain Tour

Text: RoadRUNNER Staff • Photography: RoadRUNNER Staff

Ride from Sea to Sky in British Columbia
September 7 - 18, 2010

Imagine twisting ribbons of tarmac snaking through the fjord-carved coast and the rugged mountain peaks of the Rockies, as we take you from sea to sky, on southern British Columbia's most exciting and picturesque roads. During this exhilarating 12-day retreat, we'll ride the Sea-to-Sky Highway, explore the Columbia Icefield, enjoy the longest free ferry ride in North America, and discover enchanting forests, sparkling rivers, and five of the area's National Parks, plus much more.

Previous experience riding on mountain roads is strongly advised for the many technical sections of the route and for dealing with the often-sudden appearance of wildlife. Ride your own motorcycle, or if needed, we'll be happy to recommend a reputable rental bike dealer in the area.