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Christian Motorcyclists Association

Text: Joel A. Wise • Photography: Christian Neuhauser

The CMA held its annual National East Rally on this beautiful campground in Marion, NC.

(Text by Text: Joel A Wise, CMAUSA Director, International Coalition)

Christian Motorcyclist Association is a nonprofit, interdenominational Christian organization, dedicated to reaching people for Christ on the highways through motorcycling. Founded in the early 1970s, CMA now has over 90,000 members and over 600 chapters in the United States and Canada. Our Ministry Team program is designed to make ministers of our members. CMAers are involved in motorcycling events all across the world, taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to bike runs, drag races, and to national rallies like Daytona, Sturgis, and Laconia bike weeks. America's prisons have also become part of the ministry outreach in the last few years for CMA, working with the Bill Glass Prison Ministries. Throughout the year CMA holds state and national rallies. The National West Rally was held in Kanab, Utah, and the National East Rally was held in Marion, North Carolina, in 2001. Next year, the National Rally will be held in June at the CMA Headquarters in Hatfield, Arkansas. There will also be a Canadian National held in July 11-14, 2002. These rallies are times of fellowship, praise and worship, fun bike games, and encouragement. You will also hear challenging messages from the six CMA evangelists who cover the United States.

In 1988, CMA held their first "Run for the Son," which was designated to raises funds for missions around the world. In doing this, CMA has partnered itself with three other ministries. One is Open Doors, which transports bibles into foreign countries, another is Missionary Ventures, which helps us put motorcycles and bicycles into the hands of pastors around the world, and the last is the Jesus Film project which goes into remote villages to show the life of Christ in their native language, using projectors and generators. CMA National also uses a portion of proceeds for mission work here at home to encourage the men and women who travel the roads.

The future of CMA is moving stronger and wider than anyone could ever imagine. The International Coalition of CMA is growing around the world, with new countries joining each year. Also, CMA involvement in missions around the globe with Pastor Conference has aided the growth of the coalition with material and training. And the ever-growing membership here at home (applications received daily) is spreading throughout the roads of this country like blood through veins, bringing life and hope.

Contact CMA at their National Headquarters in Hatfield, Arkansas, USA, at: CMA, P.O. Box 9, Hatfield, AR 71945/(870)389-6196, or visit the CMA website at
CMA has more information available upon request.

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