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Birds of a Feather

Jun 09, 2013 View Comments by

Let there be no purpose in friendship save the deepening of the spirit – Khalil Gibran. Cori and I recently returned from a four day tour which will be featured in a future article in RoadRUNNER magazine. During our trip we encountered three different groups of riders that we spent a few minutes getting to know. […]

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All Who Wander: Exploring New Roads

May 26, 2013 View Comments by

“Not all who wander are lost.” – J. R. R. Tolkien. Lately it seems like every day is busier than the last. I’ve started making lists first thing in the morning to remind me of what I intend to accomplish, in order of priority, for the day. Last Wednesday my list was a long one. […]

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Sorry Mate, I Didn’t See You

May 19, 2013 View Comments by

Over a dozen years of all-season commuting has taught me many ways to handle a wide variety of situations. One of the most dangerous for riders is the left turning driver coming towards them. The 2009 Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s Highway Loss Data Institute report found that more than half of motorcycle-related deaths involved […]

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Gravel Roads

May 12, 2013 View Comments by

I’ll bet you thought this post was going to be a technical article about how to handle a motorcycle on gravel, right? Fooled ya, technical articles aren’t really my thing. I’ll leave those to people with more experience and ability than I. The title of this post is actually taken from a song entitled “True […]

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Apr 28, 2013 View Comments by

Yesterday, during my morning commute, I was behind a car that was weaving side to side in its lane. I eventually pulled into a turning lane to go left and as I passed (in a hurry to get around him), I noticed the driver was completely oblivious to everything around him due to what seemed […]

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Apr 21, 2013 View Comments by

I recently watched a 2011 Oscar winning documentary called Undefeated which is about the Manassas Tigers high school football team from Memphis, TN. and their coach Bill Courtney who struggles to teach his players something they can carry with them into life long after football is over. There’s a scene in which coach Courtney says: […]

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All for One

Apr 14, 2013 View Comments by

There’s an African proverb I read recently that says, “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” Spring has finally arrived in full force here in southeastern Pennsylvania and that means more and more riders are hitting the road for group rides, which, of course, is one […]

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Magic Along The Way

Mar 31, 2013 View Comments by

Last fall my buddy Stan led us on a group ride from Hellertown, PA, to Conowingo Dam in Maryland. The dam, which spans the lower Susquehanna River, was built in 1928 and at the time was the second largest hydroelectric project by power output in the United States (Niagara Falls was the largest). The original […]

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Stay Gold

Mar 24, 2013 View Comments by

One of my all time favorite poems is “Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Robert Frost. I’ll admit I know it by heart because of the movie The Outsiders in which it figures prominently. As much as I love the poem I think I love the song “Stay Gold” by Stevie Wonder even more. As I understand the […]

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Mar 10, 2013 View Comments by

Life can be an endless string of looking ahead and planning other things. The beauty, for me, has always been in realizing that now might be all we have. My dad died watching TV. I’ve wondered, on occasion, what kind of day he’d had; did he have an argument at work? Was he happy? Did […]

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The Cure For Grief

Feb 24, 2013 View Comments by

The Cure for Grief is movement. I’m not sure where I first heard that but once I did I never forgot it. The motorcycle has been my cure for grief for as long as I’ve been riding. Motorcycling is largely about repetition and ritual—doing things the same way each time. Repetition and ritual keep us safer; […]

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Little Things

Feb 17, 2013 View Comments by

A decade of daily commuting has taught me many lessons, not the least of which is to be prepared for anything and to pack accordingly. Bringing clothing for any and all types of weather conditions is important, especially at certain times of the year when weather can fluctuate over a 10-hour period. Tools are (of […]

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Wall Of Death

Feb 10, 2013 View Comments by

“On the wall of death all the world is far from me, on the wall of death it’s the nearest to being free.” – Richard Thompson. Richard and Linda Thompson’s final album Shoot Out the Lights (1982) contained a song called Wall of Death which I first heard performed by Nanci Griffith. Every time I hear it motorcycling always […]

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Do What You Love

Feb 03, 2013 View Comments by

“Do what you love, it’s gonna lead to where you want to go.” -Wayne White. When I was a kid of 15 we lived in the country and I loved running at night, even in winter. I loved the silence, no cars, no birds or barking dogs, nothing but the moon and stars carefully arranged, it […]

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Rider to Driver II

Jan 27, 2013 View Comments by

Back in June of 2012 I wrote Rider to Driver , which made the case that riders and drivers can share the road with each other if we act on a case-by-case basis and don’t label a group based on the irresponsible or reckless behavior of a small percentage of that group. This morning I had an […]

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