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What is Perfect

May 03, 2012 View Comments by

Short answer: in my opinion, nothing. Nothing of this earthly plane, or made by the hand of man, is perfect. By, or of, its nature, all things are flawed. Yet perfection is the utopian goal; whether a piece of art, or a work of prose, it must be perfect. Machines must work “perfectly,” yet none […]

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What is a Warranty?

Apr 27, 2012 View Comments by

According to Webster’s: “a deed warranting that the grantor has a good title free and clear of all liens and encumbrances and will defend the grantee against all claims”. Much if you will like a promise, also according to Webster: “a declaration that gives the person to whom it is made a right to expect […]

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Why Cats Don’t Ride

Apr 19, 2012 View Comments by

Ok, all right, before you blog me to death – I do know there are “some cats” that ride motorcycles. I googled “Cats on motorcycles” and got a few, not many mind you, just a few. While “Dogs on motorcycles” turned up a ton of the quadrupeds! The reason is simple; dog’s want to ride, […]

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Two Words: Road Food

Apr 13, 2012 View Comments by

Simple things mean a lot. The road can be marvelous, with scenery to die for, and the mount pure heaven. But, if what you ate before hitting the road is now lying in your gut like a 30-pound hunk of rusty lead, mark my words; it’s going to be a bad day. It seems we […]

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Great Expectations

Apr 04, 2012 View Comments by

I just bought a new bike. Well not really “new,” just new to me. It is a 2000 Harley-Davidson Heritage Springer Softail, with a bazillion miles on it. At least I “think” I bought it. I remember signing papers three weeks ago and having that sinking feeling that I’d be broke for years to come. […]

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Frustrating Four Wheelers

Mar 27, 2012 View Comments by

They say that truckers have seen it all from their perch high above the maddening crowd. They look directly into the inner sanctum of Johnny Four-wheels, and see things that would astound mere mortals. Come to think of it, we two-wheelers are also in the “high chair” with a lot less sheet metal and glass […]

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Birds of a Feather Ride Together

Mar 21, 2012 View Comments by

Taking a group ride is a lot like the traditional family vacation: a time for bonding, fun, discovery and togetherness – right up until you want to kill each other over who left the top off the pickle jar, and why your shorts smell like dill! I have ridden in every type of group, from […]

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