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Group Riding: It’s Either Heaven or Hell

Apr 12, 2019 View Comments by

Riding in a group can be an exhilarating experience. It can also be about as fun as getting a root canal. It really just depends on the group you’re in as to which experience you’ll have. As they say, one bad apple can spoil the bunch. And you don’t want to be that apple, do […]

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Cager Ragers: Hidden Dangers of the Road [With Video]

Mar 25, 2019 View Comments by

It’s probably not too big of a stretch to assume most of us have had a moment or two on the road where anger makes us want to go Redrum like Jack Nicholson’s character in Stephen King’s The Shining. Perhaps some of us have given into that anger on occasion. Not me, of course. I’m […]

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Ten Questions to Ask a Motorcyclist Before Becoming a Passenger

Jul 27, 2018 View Comments by

Many of us were first introduced to motorcycling as a passenger. In the world of street riding, there is a broad range of skill levels and safe riding practices. Before putting your life in the hands of a motorcycle rider, it’s wise to first understand his or her competence. Here are 10 questions to ask […]

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Touring Tip: Get Suspended!

May 29, 2018 View Comments by

  No, I’m not encouraging inappropriate behavior that might get your license suspended. I want to talk to you about your motorcycle’s suspension. This is an area that OEMs often shortchange in order to keep the MSRP of their products in a lower price range. They know that a bike’s suspension performance is difficult to […]

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Harley-Davidson Extends $99 Riding Academy Offer to Military Spouses and First Responders

May 11, 2018 View Comments by

Today is Military Spouse Appreciation Day and Harley-Davidson – to thank the millions of people who protect our country, our safety, and our freedom to ride and their spouses – is extending the offer of Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy New Rider Course to spouses of eligible current and former U.S. military personnel and first responders (law […]

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Touring Tip: Be a Safer Night Rider

Aug 09, 2017 View Comments by

A rider’s risk factors increase once the sun goes down. To avoid an accident, it’s important to see and be seen. Here are some tips for avoiding road hazards at night: Keep a Clear View: In low light conditions, wearing sunglasses or having a tinted shield on your helmet further diminishes your already restricted ability […]

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Touring Tip: Getting Your Bike Ready to Tour

May 30, 2017 View Comments by

With summer fast approaching, now is the time to make sure your mount is ready to hit the road. If you’re like many of us at RoadRUNNER, during the colder months you scope out touring destinations, research scenic routes, create packing lists, decide on touring dates, and have made at least some reservations. But all […]

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Touring Tip: What is a Touring Motorcycle?

Apr 26, 2017 View Comments by

Ask 10 people the definition of a touring motorcycle and you’re likely to get 10 different answers. Many would think they need a large motorcycle with a windscreen, fairing, hard luggage, big displacement motor, and various electronics and other features for safety and comfort. But not all touring riders subscribe to the theory that bigger […]

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Touring Tip: Riding Year-Round

Mar 06, 2017 View Comments by

As fall turns to winter and temperatures spiral downward, seasonal motorcyclists all but disappear from the roadways. Except for possibly venturing out on the rare warm day, their backroad riding passion is put into cold storage along with their bike. This needn’t be the case, but gear and strategies must change with the seasons. Here […]

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Touring Tip: Choosing a Destination

Jan 10, 2017 View Comments by

At RoadRUNNER, we’re already busy planning our 2017 tours. With so many places to visit around the country and abroad, picking a destination can be a fun but overwhelming decision. Assuming you don’t already know your desired destination(s) for the year, let’s talk about how to figure that out. Below are some thoughts on how to set […]

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Touring Tip: Riding in Fog

Dec 29, 2016 View Comments by

How to Stay Safe in Murky Weather— Riding in fog—especially when it’s combined with rain and darkness—heightens a number of risk factors that prudent motorcyclists usually seek to avoid: Rider visibility of potential hazards, both ahead and from behind (like being rear-ended by a faster moving vehicle) is severely restricted. Accumulation of moisture on face […]

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Touring Tip: The Importance of Effective Wind Protection

Oct 31, 2016 View Comments by

The first visual clue that a motorcycle may be used for touring is the presence of a windscreen and/or other wind management devices. On the other hand, around town riders often eschew the look of a windscreen protruding above their handlebars. After a few months of riding my Suzuki cruiser back in the day I […]

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Touring Tip: Make Time for Break Time

Sep 09, 2016 View Comments by

Experienced motorcyclists already know that riding is much more fatiguing than driving. On top of that, sore muscles often occur during the first few days of a long trip, particularly when most of a motorcyclist’s previous riding has been on weekend day trips. In addition to sore muscles, there are the environmental factors, which can […]

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Touring Tip: Five Common Sources of Motorcycle Accidents and Strategies for Avoiding Them

Aug 05, 2016 View Comments by

Oncoming, Left-turning Vehicle: This is probably the most common cause of motorcycle accidents. The driver of an oncoming vehicle doesn’t see a motorcyclist and makes a quick left turn directly in the rider’s path. Avoidance Strategy: First, it’s always helpful for riders and their mounts to be as conspicuous as possible, which is aided by […]

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Touring Tip: The Pre-Ride Checklist

Jul 08, 2016 View Comments by

Airline pilots rely on pre-flight checklists to help ensure a safe flight, and motorcyclists should rely on one for a safe tour. Let’s assume that you have already decided where you’re going on your multi-day trip and, as discussed last month, have given your mount a thorough pre-departure mechanical check. Now it’s time to decide […]

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